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You did not cover

Look at that, then that will still have wrinkles ... ... but, its only hope, she would faint wrinkles than due to the impact of science but only cosmetic! XI her face. Look mom. Looks like the time stamp on her face visible on a clear.

Mom! It says it can make up for her everything, except ... youth. Cut down.
Hanoi sunny sky poured rain suddenly. Strong wind. Paddy straight into it. Shudder. Hair cut short soaking water, stick to your cheeks, watery eyes down, tear the car. It has just run out of cosmetics shop on Hang Da, trying to find the wrinkle creams to buy a Japanese mother. Do not know, this is something many creams, the first such kind of see what avail ...

It is eager to carry on her mother. Mom yelled, "How to wet the other end, feeling now. I do not buy more, eat what loser, I am old and have wrinkles instead." Look at that, then that will still have wrinkles ... ... but, its only hope, she would faint wrinkles thanks to the impact of science and aesthetics only that! XI her face. Look mom. Looks like the time stamp on her face on an existing clearer. Mom! It says it can make up for everything her mother, except for youth. Cut down.

Still raining. Having the windows to spray flying in the face. Cool. It springs back shoulder. Water clawed hand. I asked: Why are you so sad, the job has a problem eh girls! - Sesame oil, cool rainy summer interesting! - Yeah, about moving season again!. Questions and answers will never enter the food. Divert her to something else. Natural eyes blur. Yeah baby, coming into the season.
Startled. Time flows too fast accidentally. Mom faces more vicious bird footprints. Frost colored hair more wind. It slid sighed reviews. Not do much for her. Although its aspirations as a school: Earn more money to offset the years of deprivation, hardship of the mother.
Childhood many tears over her smile. But her mother were the only vinegar over, ie only fresh, only tacit tears. Mother often tried to hide the sadness in silence. Who have life sentences "Some of life with bone casting wheel." Mom just quietly gnawing sadness of losing his mother alone. Although her second mother's done nothing wrong. However, there is only one sun only, right?! Or
She recites a poem by Thich Nhat Hanh: In the past I was young / My mother has died / I first Read / very young orphans. Everyone around me crying / quiet after I / For the tears flowing / Is gone dry powder ... tomb, the Sunset / Light falls temple bells fall / I saw my mother lose / lose the whole sky!
The bowl of rice mixed with cassava, sweet corn chan tearful mother. By the poor but eat spindly. Mother cat skinny kid. He was foreign trade, only turned away could not look at each home visit. When she lost her grandmother to three. Grandpa died when it up 3. How can it be coincidence?! Heartbreaking. The times
flows. Her eyes on a dimmed. No longer view it wrote the article without glasses. But when she did not see through my heart, thinking of her. Mother as a great close friend, a mentor and a difficult mother knew nothing of love. Cherished mother cared for it from a piece of food, sleep. And even when she became a mature woman, she has not only prompted: Women live to make concessions to know me, please!

compromise! Her lifetime only to make concessions. When she is giving them. When in school, work, then make friends. Having the family all make concessions on behalf of her husband. But her happy because she made things, happy family is happy.
It suddenly remembered the verses of the poet Do Trung Quan: "I can not wait until the last day I was startled when she cried. The river went back ... ever. "
And it promised, it living wage Nice and gentle as her mother. Le Vu Lan day, she bought a white rose placed on the altar of her grandmother, but it will buy for me a deep red rose is stored both love and faith in me! His eyes sparkle, the tears burst into tears, he knew, it was happy!

(From the release of her book Gifts Vu Lan ceremony on the occasion of the 7th on 25/08 / 2007)

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