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You are not invisible to the UK

Steam my love! Too many things happened yesterday, just 3 hours of my evening with a century remains as such. Pain, love, bitterness and resentment do not forget me, to live, to love and hate.

this day, a Sunday morning perhaps he is preparing Lao Cai city was up to visit a girl, who can bring him what he wanted. I do not even look like him any way I can not help you in your life and your career. Last night it seemed to me endless, when I tried to be strong and happy to tell her that he is a good person, that he did not love me, and when he'd come with her faithful to me path he has chosen. Happiness is sometimes painful, Jim! strong when we assign the one you love for others, my heart seemed broken when I told you remember a day ago "I love and miss you, there are times when I brought letters written to read, put face to feel the smell of spam, I feel my heart, feel the passionate love of their own. I do not understand where his feelings. "

My dear! Why do not you understand? He also knows where every night, every night we'd take a picture, I love reading what you write you will cry, cry for me, for you, for the love we did not complete when I leave you select different path, the path that he has said, have money, have fame but no children. Also last night only, 1 hour nights, I still tell her "I was happy that he chose to be" true, she was much happier than me, even though she does not love him, but he was the , to be loved and worried about him at any time and anywhere, be happy with his walk in life. But you, you are my love, but always loved him as invisible, just watching him, interested him in her heart only.

His smile, his eyes He's not for me anymore, although I know in my heart I'll always have you in it. Brother! I strongly do not you? strong when smiling with him, wish him happy getting what he wants, powerful to deceive her that he does not love you anymore. I remember! Remember to turn intolerable moments we are together and love filled eyes. Please remember to fire a hug, a hand held out to say it all. remember that these sessions together with both the world of each other. I'll write, write so much more to go feeling inconsolable sorrow and thoughts when the time I write this he is glad the others are all for him to gain the attention of a DC wanted. Write to the beginning I did not have time to think, stretch your eyes to stop crying, so your hands will be busy typing instead of holding his phone call. I will not bother you at this time where that will try to help him achieve what he wanted. When I asked him what happiness is, he said he was happy to get what he wanted for himself. So sad! Perhaps his answer is the answer for yourself the difference between them, and why we are not together. With the nguoiminh you happy is love, love makes you happy, happy smile. To be the world's younger brother, was the center of the universe to rotate them.

As for me uh? With him, he is the center of the universe! I told him tease wisdom, his reason. True! When we see people as individuals above all it will do all to myself is what I want, but for you, you live by your emotions, always side rotation, set things up as he happily all, so that she was going away from him .... He sure can not ever love you, I can not forget the happy moments together, so I agreed to do the love of you very much! "Lover," a sentence he uttered to the grieving heart. As the daughter who did not wish your beloved. His right to speak my weakness, but he ah! I can love you crazy, ignorant, because he can do all that even sell their honor, and tea stepping on other people. But darling, how I can share him with another girl, how can you go with me as invisible, how can you be interested in him what he wants, take my hand If I need? No! I'd rather leave me, painful to love yourself, than do people with him quietly. He's a successful man there is always the sacrifice of the woman with him and that person is you. I accept, silent accept him away, give them my love for him to seek new and better life but I do not accept, do not get c steamed away on the sidelines of his life, quietly without title destiny as he said. Because you need not be rich, she is not big ... you need only a simple hand held when I cry for him, his smile when you happy, love, spiritual or physical ... all the only one for me alone! Do you understand? Or his conception of life only just happy to have all the material and money. Fists as he said one day be the head of the station you, I know I lost him from there.

More of the same day that you live in my own pain, love and be loved but not the one you love. He told me to wait for new year, to do anything for me? Let me have him for a moment and then he leave me a party girl or what? To hang around forever with the pain and why we love / For my life into hell away from you? Not. I would rather forget it all, just remember him in my heart than to the white sand beach was crowded car, car sales and love my own life bubbles was washed away. Much fun you very much. believe me, believe he would be happy for what I want is gradually achieved. I also believe, believe at some point in my life will be peaceful, they will be back with a smile on the lips, fall in love, live with what they consider to be happy. I love you baby frogs ahj and this can not be changed. Direction of his Love,

by 0915559xxx

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