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You are my dream world

Among my friends, my colleagues fall in the children of the rich, handsome style of most. Of course, the form will be men like me and many women love, pursue. Honestly, I love as much, but in a "tease tease moon flowers" for fun, make sure when people think of marriage, I will take a beautiful woman, the most astute.

But contrary to predictions of people, whom I choose the ones Hien, a beauty girl is normal, nothing was outstanding. With a slim body, even a bit small, now has a bright face, dark eyes, kindly, gentle voice, discreet lifestyle. Perhaps the definition of coy Hien had attracted me from the first meeting.

To conquer her, I took two years to pursue and strive to demonstrate understanding Hien my love for her is sincere. There are those who can not understand why many girls as Miss pretty face, body like a model loves my lethargy, I do not love, while having trouble chasing a girl is nothing outstanding. I just smiled. I believe in the ability to feel special about their daughter that I loved and selection. Actually I was not mistaken.

When the wedding was held, many will not believe we will stay together that long and early silver. Many predict not encouraging about this marriage. Suspicion is that they love and my loyalty. The main simple lifestyle, loves her husband and children, know how to treat the human heart, altruistic and generous of her, made me rusty in human waste as I take death to stop home and family where .

ten years have passed, and I do not think I can change so quickly. As the head of a business, I have the opportunity to go mobile, exposed to many beautiful girls. Actually, there was also the feeling I try to see how the external flow, but all passed very quickly and not leave any impression.

There is a strange thing, is increasingly I love my wife more than that. Maybe I should be jealous, jealous I was that way with his wife, there is always fear of losing her. Much as to say, but no one believed it was true.

Capital is a smart woman, sensitive, kindly life, know what behavior, Hien know its not nice, inferior I'm more on the form. She knew so many around me have pretty girls around, many sweet temptations are rounded meal. Psychology wife will always jealous, anxious to have a handsome husband, pompous, successful. For Hien is no exception.

But that does not make Hien lose confidence in yourself. Unlike the women see weak, often controlling, managing a strict husband, hung large, imposing sanctions. Her jealous husband and keep his own way.

Outside work, Hien time remaining devoted to her husband and family. Small house is always neat, tidy, bedding is always clean and fragrant. Especially when children are young, seems to have no time to rest, but she never for me a couple times very sweet romance.

I do not now feel abandoned when you take a wife. But in return I know how to help her home. Undertake the large family. Definitely not assigned, but who separated in this way voluntarily. The couple is the soul of everything.

Every day will see a vibrant smile, to hear the soothing words of his wife, that as encouragement, cheer Invisible made me really excited to. I voluntarily go home on time, little cafés and coffee is more responsible living. When I travel on, my wife had always cared about each ty glasses, I need to sort things into suitcases. Medium soft, medium has carefully re-subtle reminder, just as I feared love.

Warm moments in my cozy family scene, I quickly urged returned home after each trip. Because I know at home, my wife is having nice surprise for me. Not only skillfully arranged housework, child care caring husband, knows how to behave with parents, paternal and maternal families.

When the children grew, time free, Hien said groom themselves, always renew themselves. I have known quite modest stature, Hien has cleverly designed the clothes fit her body, dressed in custody youthful, energetic completely out.

As more and see her children, the care is charming, confident. Sometimes she fussy as a child: My dear, he must be for you and me all jog. How much the house is not enough.

I jokingly call me a little pepper. Live with you, I've been loving care, comfort as the child, is both powerful men, has a shoulder to steady me and I rely on. I just familiar, close both new and strange that I always eager to explore, search. It seems to me, my dream has always been the realm.

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