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You are all his life!

My Love
I now sit here in this room he felt lonely and cold too. Do not know what they are doing this now, are you sad ko. Goodbye to me said softly, his life would not just those who come to conquer you?

When I used to think he thought he has found his true love, he overcame all obstacles to the family's relatives vow to follow his love-child. Yet now I see why you sad ah! I told him how to forget me, forget how many memories there together, sitting in a small room that he felt so empty. He wanted to scream out loud, at this time he wanted to drop under the river, or sea, to close my eyes when I do not know, do not remember anything, do not care about anything anymore.
He apologized to me-the girl he loved, he did not know how many times I'm sorry for making you sad at missing words, and this time I said I apologize - I apologize a thousand times. He understood my feeling too, I also miss you very much, he wanted me to go 30/04 & 01/05 games master. Today "the day of me-10/05" he had arranged for me to go out but that is not, he really should not hate you. He is also responsible for yourself, now that you say "Sugar everyone goes," it seems that he has repented of late have not you.

I ah! I know it does not work out at how meaningful to me, so he had to sacrifice time, I'd later have a stable job to take care of two kids for the future of . If only I could answer he was "That a man is not the cause of the worry is whether it is possible for your life or not? Or just eat all day long stick?" He let me ah me, you love me so he always wants to give them a happy life both physically and mentally. So if one day, someday if he does not care for you, then he will depart from you because he does not want people to suffer because I love him!
British efforts, tried hard more. From the time his father took him as disoriented lose faith in life and I suppose he lived without purpose. When he saw me, he is like a flickering between the ocean suddenly someone for him to cling to a buoy. I ah, I gave him the strength to live his life begin to help me through hard times, sad happy at his side! Think about those days you think you're fortunate to have you by my side. And today the feeling without you, you sad sad lot and there are times when I wanted to find a release from all he'd forgotten. I ah, I can not can not! not because he feared that his father died when he promised to take care of three children and his mother fully. If they can understand and sympathize with him, it seems the burden on the shoulders of a very young age as me-23t. He did not know they broke up he will start again how

I will not blame me angry because he had to say goodbye, I know he just lost to the orphan and the many others around me are always more people than him, but one thing I believe that his love for you then no one will be equal. Only you can recognize it. Well you go and never turned back at him with eyes of pity. I do what I think is correct, go, I always remember the joy & happiness of his children as well so I'll always wish you Happiness! Thank you gave me joy to know happiness in love, be loved though short. And I also thank you for he has known the pain when love-the pain that would be very difficult to very difficult to forget!

Wishing you! Wishing you a Happy New ....!

By kellymanh

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