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Wrong when her new love

You've achieved one of the greatest achievements in life that is one step closer to your dream guy in the eye from long. When not "hold firm" much of this relationship, can you commit to what caused him to concentrate and become "jittery" before sticking with you. To ensure that the relationship between you and the boys dream to be sustainable, you need to abandon the offensive unforgettable following:

- From the beginning you were "forced" their preference for he

Typically, a girl who loves to agree with everything he says, it is not something big. But if you try to please him by being an extrovert girl when you really are introverted, you are preparing for the demise of love then that. Because he did finally discover your true man, or the time you will become hated lying around.

If you consider the long term, it is best to appear sincere, or is your love will have no future.

→ How to change: Be confident to make him feel you are attractive, but you still own. Why change yourself? Let him know your people do. You need to be careful, but always be yourself, be honest with your real image.

- You talking about "old people"

You've given him the first kiss. You feel really close to him that you want to tell him all the memories of your previous relationship. Rules of the "declaration" is not counting on old information. But even when you're talking about old people with numerous complaints, the new guy will not be aware of that. That he would mess up because of his anxiety when compared with the "predecessor."

→ How to get rid of: Forget the past and put effort into developing relationships with existing fans the way you want.

- You "absolute assignment" with a friend while I love him

If he said that he would have nothing to do with friends that he could not do with you, the target market that he is lying there. When his friends at his side, he can comfortably eat, laugh, talk and not allowed to hold as you. You can not tolerate the bad behavior of this guy, so let's get to thank when he sneaks out in particular.

Do not think you will be able to meet all the needs of him. He still needs his friends to his word. If you continue to nag when he plans to gather his friends together, you will suffocate him there.

→ How to change: Negotiate with him about how long he will go out with his comrades crowd without you. Then, you should prepare something special for him when absent, can be read or go shopping with her friend.

- You would expect him to understand exactly what you are saying

He arrives late at a party, cheerfully greeting Her best friend asked you, but completely disregards your new clothes. Look into his eyes, "guilty" of you, he asked: "Is there anything so", but you shall answer: "If I do not know, I would not say where."

The girls often equate the ability to "read the mind can comprehend," the lover with his love for them. And then begin to judge that he did not care about her. In love, both to work together to talk to each other, especially when in love. And nothing better than talk - say what you think.

→ How to change: sulky children as weapons that many girls are most applicable to attract the attention of her lover. When he suggested something wrong, you should speak out his thoughts - this will save time, energy and paper towels!

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