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Writing for yesterday

Yesterday, I slipped on the slope of the pain, struggle. I wonder why all this mess to come? Why is everything on my shirt never gratifications of us? Suddenly we see the whole world away from us too, we do not belong anywhere.
Yesterday, waves up my soul, I pinned it back as it tried to rise as strong, we shall find the holy places of the soul to hope to find some peace, some calm, some peace ... I dare not claim anything and greed round, just for a bit.
Yesterday, we recognize the value of life after leaving the city loud and boisterous to the suburbs. We return to the old days when a kid racing with the wind to lift kite flying high. Kite's not no wind, just sun flickering between the back and then dive into the ground. Ignore us, we went, we ran, we laughed, we've been struggling to satisfy the dreams between vast place.

Yesterday, we sat at the river bank eyes on horizon. Beautiful horizon, a clear blue was very gentle. It makes my soul becomes calm and pure. A young blue silk I have never seen in any color of the sky, which drew up the long trail untouched eyes. Color spots that drag us back to the vibration as we thought never to have lost themselves.

Yesterday, we talked with people who have had to go through our life. The story seemed bland and tasteless than ever. Everything is gone, my soul has returned to world peace. I dare not say that it has returned with a status of "vacuum" as per our expectations but nonetheless, it also was very balanced. Is too full.

Yesterday, we poured the substance contained in our land with a stranger. I do not know that I think about how, but I really appreciate them because in that moment I heard the story never shared with anyone. I also do not understand why we do it again ...

Yesterday, just 24 short hours that we were living two different lives. Still thanks to what life brings us, albeit grim, even brutal, even bitter, though bitterly how, we still believe we will overcome all, we will again hear the heart I whispered, my heart was happy again ...

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