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Writing for a half

No one should ever know the feeling all lonely, empty every night ? whole week now wrestle with the blueprints, sometimes tired and frustrated too. Sometimes that craving for a brief pep talks, conventions are a love message but the phone remains silent. Is there an all the calls or sms's job very long and messy be.Da do not know a word cloud winds, we did not mouth the words he said to the butterfly. And ... also seems a long time before all the calluses we change, we ignore more and no longer know the rate nostalgic look after myself anymore. I am afraid that camgiac infinity, we fear that one day my heart will not vibrate anymore, it will be before the harsh barren of time? Been so long, my smile is no longer be as natural as day, it seems that our mouths we were crying laughing. Department of silence we become more and grimacing, the conservative in me is the opportunity to rise even more formidable. Moody eyes whenever I see people come together doitay in hand, we envy and discomfort when you're concerned with half of them. "You like her fans" - as you say it like vay.Duong more studies, more age, more and more knowledge in the head, the feeling of loving someone more difficult it must be? I find it hard to accept an "I love you more. We become more global and more difficult journey for a half. Maybe it's the stubborn in me never be content with what comes with it too easily. Authors as if it did not theben lau.Sao we see people in love too easily, easy to love the same as a movement, and we can talk boyfriend girlfriend has become so ordinary that the those who "U24 alone" as our reputation is suddenly being "backward." Do not know ever since I found it much older when she looked at the teenage boy. Common sense, everything in life has sometimes been a law of nature, so that we ... as being offset away from the Soviet orbit normal was equal to the loneliness and thoughts on Philosophy Of Love Human Ban.Phai reasonable time true love has a gift of luxury? want to do a lot as well something pink to break the calm of everyday life, also want to make a guy have to talk goofy moments with friends that also have a strong showing, I also want another go !......! ! other day my mother called out in a voice not well: - Tuan Well, this mother, not child care? - The uterus is healthy, I walk this house my mother, as if she was sick you? - No, at home the health, education and how this look? Philanthropy little bit more time for study, this look at the situation of Thai Ha Church very stressful to keep their children hear not remember, do not do anything too far lest they suffer happened. She told me, is to have the best food for the school, some supplements package she sent to her drinking may send more .- The uterus is still drinking, still Mom. I'll be more careful mother told her not to worry ....- Vehicles to be careful walking, going to wear sun hats in place remember? - Well ...- fluctuations it reminds of playing with colors it, I really miss it there, she also remembered .- Yes, I said Yes. Well, I bought some books for it, it is hard to read without her? - It is very hard to read the very first day, after, nhac read, to remind read (laughs). Dynasty, worried that she learned this off .- Well, I offered her another .... I can not and will never be another because of where we live only for ourselves. What teachings have been no room for sugia lie, so saying a loving heart is not in line with results not easy. Not just because the loneliest time feeling that we discourage people who want to receive for us to be. Ya will be extremely cruel if we do, and will be more ruthless when the situation promptly tadung red patch up for the benefit of our feelings. People all have our moments of weakness, but not so that we were willing to trade ourselves. There are things that can just enjoy the moment and sometimes these things make us more difficult in the work of seeking the eternal moment. More or less sure it selam for our wounded hearts ton.Den we can never find the vibration was so far away? A time when I was a question of high school students, including a teenager with dreams and ambitions, which has nurtured many of our beautiful planned. There are plans to have a reality, the projected dinhcon progress and intentions that seem to forever remain a dream. Occasionally, we often launch vehicle alone to the suburbs in the sunset after school, where the water is vast and far, far fields collection, estimated to be as innocent children innocent shepherds, or at least be kept in mind is not pure vile temptation to invade a moment to have to chisel off the cottage where the soul. How do I get back the old days love? At times like those we see to know how a hand could not resist sharing chia.Chang destructive power of the heart when it's a resurgence, ponder the philosophy of the simple ideas about what the other can not easily account for concept is. I thought Family, work, friends ... is able to "scare" is it not, then it is wrong! At this moment we see a need to know what the other half! Half of too? Where are you?

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