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Write me

" Forget a very difficult, almost impossible, "the as he once said. Somehow, even now, I still write this about me, about someone who's never been me, the one who is no longer a friend, a brother anymore ...
Sad! More sad. Cry as much. Do not cry for the pain that much more helpless cry. Helpless when they can not give up, can not forget him. Before, I did not want to forget him even though I could do that. Now, she wants but can not do.

I tired. A terrible fatigue. It's a day to gnaw me a little, just a little bit, but persistent, lasting. It does not make you exhausted, just to make life suddenly becomes more difficult to live. Life is not just inhale and exhale, not only is eye opening and heart beating. How much other life.

You or tell me that you were wrong. I also hope to make them. Because if it is wrong, is wrong, but also have the opportunity to repair or at least an apology, but also to tolerate, ignore each other. When things could not any good, it's hard to think that no one else to blame. But then I do not really wrong and he is not wrong. We're just doing things that we believe is right. Having to only charge us the same, and haughty ego is too big.

It could be that hard to believe, but I understand him more than I thought. If you do not understand you, do not put yourself in his position, I will never hesitated, thinking as much. He does not hate you, but helpless, rather then short underground. Uneasiness, but, really rather annoyed when told how many times that it refused to listen, speak out of all the evidence and still no shortcuts. Then they promised not to do what was promised, only to be crushed meal was half months to disturb it once. It disappears, diving a bit also can not be assured, because do not know when it will occur, will also bring much more trouble. No wonder the number of machine is it's one of them? Nick just do not know what I have to add is it? Do not know which gift you receive Is not it send? Cumbersome and very promiscuous. Not to mention the feeling, there's always a little something watching her, thinking, just do not notice that their lives were kneading it very disturbing. I understood how he felt, and got so much more sad. Very sad but when his love, his attention back to give others a nuisance rather than happiness.

I understand him, but how could he understand are children. My life as well as his blog, many friend, a relationship, but is there something I can not speak with anyone in person 150. Is there something he put it in a dark corner, no one could touch. He has too many interests, too many things to think. He did not understand me because they simply are not in his thoughts. Maybe I did not realize that his blog lacks a blog, and between us now is just not connected. I have done the job more difficult is to remove him before. What you need to do is remove a person has to remove myself.

I've knitted him a scarf, not to hope for his feelings, to hook something, but simply want to donate a portion of her warm for someone you love. If you go away, to a place of warmth, not cold like Hanoi is still at least a towel to stay do not forget me too quickly. Today I said, I still hope though few, though fragile, will be a time when he put a towel you'll find knit and warm as the feelings you give it to him.

I know, there are also late to say anything, could not change anything. I'm going a way that no one loves me I want to continue to do so. They say that you're missing opportunities, wasted time, and then only if they continue the suffering. I know. And I think that if he regarded them as girls, they also have a bit of sense to me that only a small matter, he will be the first to oppose the further you go. It is possible that they will suffer, will also upset many, but it is worth because I was doing things I want to do, is continue to love him even if only one side. Happy and maybe ... well ... almost like

* * *

I lost each other, is not he!?
To me quietly forgotten you, you very much!
diary no end given his word he

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