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Write me

Honey! British capital was a man full of flaws but I believe I know enough self respect to live their best for you. If found love pale and change themselves for fear of not boring thing to warm love ...

I need an open heart to his lover, to his be considerate, so he has to the person. I do not need to know rather a lot of geckos attach mantle.

He still commonplace to hear converted into the change of heart and tears to people who travel. Love is not something immutable. Today, he really understood and very sad, I did not have any feelings for him. Why are you embarrassed to be pressed like that? He suddenly realized that I had another person, not him. He did not want to be puppets or the propeller is rotating with the wind in your eyes. Where he was young is not it? He also spent many of the affair, not a lot of experience but he also noticed that. With me you are just a material world itself, what would it? Love is not shackled chain strands to tie our lives together, holding up the genuine will be put down. Who did not cry when my love away, but who will replace heart and who will walk away when love is not spotless? The preserve, the heart tries to add a day of unity, and an extra day ... will not be "forever" to force each other?!
I need answers I have truly come to you bad as what he thinks ...
Sometimes you wonder who I just come and go in life is to choose each other? He does not force you love me, I could not catch him swearing language of love! Love the share capital not to have waved his hands for more choice, out of love when you step back if you can not identify his second choice was a mistake. I think carefully then, he should answer you honestly did not come true or what he thinks. I hope that I wrong, I'm sorry.

He was not a handsome man, not a rich man, as well as someone who is not honest. Sometimes, I'll wait for you, do you know this afternoon when the airport and take you when you get embarrassed about bibi pressed him about then, nothing and lose nothing, but I honestly feel stupid for a fall Lots 30 years old fool. I do not mind that he blames himself. I only make himself understood.

Let's keep what he's best in you. Because I know you have another person in the party? Let me save you the pictures, the memories between two kids in his brief moment. At a certain depth angle, an angle that no one can touch me my be ...

* * *

mind to write you to send me the

silence I love you truly

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