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Womb vast as the Pacific ocean

We never fully understand the feelings of parents for us until we are truly a parent. Should receive more, especially with their parents. This life is much more valuable things than money.

There is a boy, suddenly one day, he ran into the kitchen and thighs into the hands of his mother a piece of paper. The mother was busy doing at this dinner. She surprised but also turn the paper and read:

- Cut the grass: $ 5

- Clean up Bedrooms: $ 1

- Go shopping for her mother, at $ 0.5

- my mother looked at the market: $ 0.25

- dumping: $ 1 la

- Cut grass and scanned the garden: $ 2

Total: $ 14.75

reading, his mother looked up look at me and think. A moment later, holding her pen on the back of the piece of paper:

- 9 months 10 days carrying heavy pain birth: priceless

- The night when you awake pain and praying for you: Priceless

- The anxiety, depression as children: priceless

- Cash books, toys, clothing, school fees : priceless Total

all her love for children is invaluable for parents.

After reading the inscriptions on the boy cried out sobbed. Looking straight into the eyes of a mother, he exclaimed: "Mommy, I'm sorry mom. I love you so much!".

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