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Witness his wife sleeping with someone else ... right in your home

(aFamily) - I looked in and saw my wife and one other man is intense love on the bed ...
First, the Court would like to write greeting respect!
I am a teacher and would like to remain anonymous.
Here, I want to send a story to write aFamily Court - my newspaper regularly read - with the desire to get the word share.
I have been married for over 10 years, my wife is a lecturer teaching writing at school. In 10 years of marriage, we are loving each other and almost never aloud. My wife is a lecturer teaching writing quite romantic and I also "the channel" with her in case anyone should say we are the pair of "lovers" beautiful.

While living , my sex is very salt concentration, but we are only sad one that we do not have children forever. We went to visit and inspect health facilities in several domestic and foreign, in the end all the tests that I did not have sperm but the whole "dot nets to." I've said to my wife about it, she is very sad.
After much encouragement and said, we decided to apply for a child by my wife to go ... to sleep with a man . The result, my wife was pregnant and the birth was a very handsome boy, I love him as a child. My wife and I put all my spare time to care for grandchildren.
Because I do not respect his wife is already asking her to have sex with whom, where hometown. She was also very understanding of my thoughts should also be proactive about telling me to take home to meet a man ... then this man has to work in other localities.
But ironically life . One day, after a week business trip in Thanh Hoa on (unexpected by me on sooner than expected), I actively use his key to open the door to the house. Natural intuition told that, I went straight to the second floor, the baby sleeping in the cradle in the room watching TV, the bedroom door ajar my wife, I looked in and saw my wife and a man another is his intense love on the bed ...

I push enter, couples are "swing" hastily grabbed a blanket to cover up. I was really shocked because the man is a student of my wife, just graduated from school not long - a student of literature is quite handsome and good at school, outside the new 20.
After the matter I did not direct the big hammer, but the mood is very hard to describe, did not talk to her question, tick away to light drinking with friends.
Then my wife and I speak frankly to each other my wife's relations with other students, my wife is also no secret that always tell the truth: Our son was born my wife was her children and its students. And we separated.
Composer Sir, to this point, I do not know what to do because I love children. Expects to receive its share of the editorial to the circumstances "the urgency" of me.

Thank you and look forward to your reply of the Court soon developed.
Nam, a lecturer CDSP cases
(Please be permitted to hide her real name)

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