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Without you I do not exist!

... I'll most fun is when I have you at parties. I'll feel happiest is when I knew I loved you. And when I find myself most fortunate is the time I met you ...

dear heart!
Let love Let sleeping
for the love passed gently
Do not arouse the past laments
Buried deep heart ancient days
Do not remember - Do not trade - Do not be angry.

Lin's beloved children!

At least I was happy to have him at my side. I'll feel happiest is when I knew I loved you. And when I find myself most fortunate is the time I met you.

I know the last time he was miserable for me a lot. You have an error and you want to fix faults. Can not blame you if I do not love me anymore. I only will you please understand and give you the opportunity to do you can bring happiness to me - every person you love.

I can not justify the mistakes of their past . Currently the only thing I can tell you that I love you, love you so much. From deep in my heart I hope you believe me whether these sentences are no longer gives me the feeling.

Meet is destined to break it also is inevitable. With him, not once they are false, not once you're not really me, and I never once thought of today.

20 days have passed since the day he decided to be away from you, so that all intact in my heart. "Never, I never thought I'd leave you. I told you so many times but I did not hear, did not change it forced him to walk." All was still, was still deep in my mind. Then no one farewell message and say, "Vy Oh! I love you very much. Parting then nobody will question his wife would now eat? Goodbye then I'll really remember the words of love that he sings I listen to myself. Parting then nobody will say that message will be here for you anytime, anywhere. then nobody would bye Riding Hood, will be wearing when you're on the street for fear they will be cold . Breaking bread and nobody will buy them in Hong Kong for this? farewell then all will sink into the past. ... Be sure to remember the dear !!...

Thank you , thanks for all the days that you are fortunate to have ...

You know, many nights awake quietly watching his brothers found happiness. Why all difficulties we have experienced, the anger at then-healing so that now had far apart? You think someone will come after you bring happiness to you? So those days are not happy together Appellate why, why you can not keep him in your party? Why?

The day he was so far away that you want to hook, want to let him know I love you so much but I have not had any opportunity to speak. I just wanted to tell you 5 thing, five simple things but because it so I can not be far away.

First: very good English carried out without the key, in the trunk of my car always has a bunch of keys to his house. I can not away from him because if he at any time with no key on me to bring him and open to .

Monday: We all liked to wander the streets looking cool. I just can not tell me about it all the way, so you want me to I was never lost.

Tuesday: England all day sitting at a computer cable and shot, so the poor old eyes and I'll be shaking his hand. I'll do the glass, will make his arm to lead me, take all the path we have chosen.

Wednesday: He never slept his foot. I can not away from him every night because I woke up to him to blanket the next morning I never get cold, and abdominal pain.

Thursday: I can not leave him because of love in my heart very sustainable.

Thank you - thanks for all the days you feel lucky to have. I know time will soothe the wound when the wound is healing but it will leave a lifelong scar bleeding. For I will never I forget what his - beloved à ...

You will see the departure of him as a nightmare. Get back to me when he was tired. I at always open arms to welcome him back.

I love you! The last time I wanted to tell you and only you ... only

* * *

Send him, people loved it!
I really miss you!
Send him my love!
Because I love you

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