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With him about me ok

A day with both joy and great sadness at the same time. It is a very special day in the life of every human being.

this afternoon, when the news of my articles posted a prestigious newspaper found in the village of stock, I'm glad. Fun in part because his article was eventually put in newspaper people. But more fun is that I have done something for you.

Since love you, I always wonder what I would do to share the burden of work on his as little children, while my trades are completely alien to me. Knowing very difficult, but I always forged his own faith. I had silently promised, I will do anything for me, for my loved one in this world. And I write, I write the truth about them completely. I do not praise them too, additional literature and I do not polished to improve the image of you, but enough for people to understand the contribution of children in work.

I used to tell me she heard on the old education, literature teachers often rebuked me for not enough words to express the idea. Actually, now still, I find writing very unloading. However, nearly every child, a feeling of something very hard to describe in any rush me. You are my endless source of inspiration for my writing. And one of the things I wrote was published on a newspaper people. Thank you - inspirational source of my life.
Today, if tomorrow Luckily I was able to give this gift to me a very meaningful way, we will have a more romantic date is not em? But the irony is always sow up my life. Can have fun just like a summer breeze, through the sultry noon. It's too little to alleviate the heat inside.

New yesterday me and I also gravitate together. Happiness! I am really happy with the passionate kiss, exchanging wild. The sweet lips forever also deposited on my lips ...

Yet this time, now maybe I'm very happy with it after months apart. As for me, my heart shattered into pieces when you're thinking of the scene in the arms of people. Jealous? Right I'm jealous of it, my dear
Sometimes I wonder who came after her, not when you have excessive destruction of you and happy people? And just as you and I have agreed to be apart What mistakes did not happen unfortunately affect the welfare of children. However, I can not do this. Because you are not married to it, because I can not leave me, because I do not want to lose you ... Whatever comes to me only a short time, but I was very understanding and I together, stick together. I do not say, but I also knew, you also need to have my life. That we need each other is not it?

intense pain My heart, mind distraction. What would I do this before this situation? I do not know! I just wish time passed quickly for me with my back. I was close to the other half of his life.
Go with me me!

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