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Winter of that year

1. Winter of that year, he disappeared into a snowy day, as snowflakes fall to the ground quietly melting away. My heart broken in the days of icy cold, lost between winter scene mushy and gray, with tantalizing ears by the busy Christmas song, by the hugs, the warmth of human hands crossing the street.

winter, I cut Phang silky straight hair, waist, and then never have enough patience, but raising longer-term. Winter, I started collecting the frame. Because he had brought photographs of two common single and threw me back to the main frame his hand. Since the departure of his stories is something I want to get back to myself, as a lesson for the "all love" her.
2. Winter is winter Saigon pretend. Just a pinch of chilly air. Just wished the wind across the alley that snatched catch hair which has let loose, remove the dress that launched voiles put sticky on the street.

Only blue sky is a clear text . Walking down the street between the tropical winter, I saw Pop viscosity as a mischievous wind was pulling to get drawn to the flame short brown hair dyed his nape dull. I heard two high heels play with each type clearly marked on the brick paved streets. My real age inhalation air force man cool cloud filled the nostrils, and it filled the two lungs, the lungs filled. I head up the steps longer span confident, upright and leaned her chest. My spleen over two retired people from the West, mouths "sorry" out of habit and still closed eyes straight ahead. My walk through the boutique shops and unique to both.

I walked past a shop selling items decorated in Japanese style simple and refined. And I stepped back ... In less than two seconds, from my position standing on the street crashed into the store and grabs a red leather frame in the display cabinets. My ten fingers dug hard the frame and my heart's playing disco surprise: On my hand as he / she / twins of the frame that I leave my old lover on a winter's day is past. - Let me see who made the frame.

- I came back, told her tone sharp sales in cold by a stone and hit the visitors hard way sop. - Dear sister, unfortunately the boss has left here you go. - An employee is clearly not like my attitude, but still trying to warm. - Call him back. If not, she is not capable of carrying all those things will happen.

- I end sentences with a smile full of pride nhech edge of the strong. Nearly half an hour later, he came to the part-time artisans. Plaited hair centipedes close the scalp, ears teeng walking stick in a dull silver earrings, bag straps to cross with the announcement thread, clothes to wear skinny jeans with a light orange shirt and thin gray wool jacket. Why am I sure that this is not just a customer like yourself? Since this is my boyfriend. - Ngoc Bich? - I remain the same, in neat scandal. Discounts for children of this frame please?

- I put the frame up horizontally, smiling mouth and eyes sparkling. - Ok ... - Vi-consuming second blade bent slightly new sound emitted by this barely said. - ... Going to coffee with you very much! - After I had turned away walked to the counter, he begins to get enough steam to finish the sentence. - Ok! - I answered without turning his head.

3. Instead of coffee, we turned into a Japanese restaurant. Since my stomach has a voice called out, 'reading' to clear as soon as he stepped from his store. Sitting around the bar area as sushi, sipping my cup of aromatic plum wine with the famous blue dust que soy fat, look at those eyes he absorbed hairdresser chit head scarf sushi many bright colors. Once you eat Japanese, I have to choose the right seat for the bar to see people cooking. Skilled fingers, dance art movements, the eyes intently extreme

- This is something intangible that pieces of spices sushi in my mouth even more scrumptious. The good not only from raw materials and formulas, good taste from the heart of the profession say the chef. I saw her cheeks warm. Perhaps because vegetarians with soy drink alcohol should be absorbed more quickly. Added blur in my own image at this time - just like my soul away from the body, stand aside and begin observing the opposite signal to the brain. I suspect that his cheeks are red to yellow and the light would look I love it. In I have a strange feeling. Feelings of the girl's 20-year-old aim threshold a few years ago, always trying to prove to dick dazed but happy when someone compliments cute.

- Come look at me with eyes went round one eyelid open. Very funny! - I turned to him, confusion filled lick attack ungainly being stared at by a sentence review rock. - I thought that I would never want to see him again. - He then put up his glass of wine drank. - Why are you on? - I drop a que soy into your mouth. - Compared to New York, Saigon is very bad. Not modern, not lateral, not brilliant sparkling, not elegant. Saigon as a home to her home province, salt-based and has no style ... - But I still go back. - Interrupt me while I click on your soybeans out.

- The year after my distance, he set foot on the lands and then he realized he had been in Saigon spells. Do not know at what moment he had always been inspired by the thought that I had to return. - And no other lands being denied that he was forced to return back?? - I put my eyes towards him challenging, caustic tone. He did not look at me, just pour yourself a glass of wine added to his gulping and shallow. My chest suddenly puts a. A commercial sense, does not know is for anyone ... In the past, he does not intend to return to Vietnam. I want a life on the land full of new, modern and creative.

I shall always know you have to return. And I believe that aggressive with shy tenderness and love intense, I could hook him. But no. They do not want to, so as to not be distracted, he has cut me out of my life as a tumor cutting plane Winter of that year, I started learning how to put yourself on top of all decisions. Winter of that year, after the tears, resentment, anger, torment, simmering revenge, my hair cut. I replaced the entire wardrobe. I started to hit you with a bunch of foreign students. I began to frequent the bars on the weekends. I started eating the food of other countries ... I started tasting things during the first two years in the U.S. I do not do. I began my life over with.

Also from the winter of that year, I always live with a vague belief that I'll see you at a certain time of life, at a certain rate of urbanization. In both the most fabulous thinking about our reunion, I never thought that it took place in the heart of Saigon. Now ... He abandoned me for what? - How long until my balance after you go? - You take me away from the warrior. - Do not know. - I realize I'm lip plates and sushi was served from time to time. - I have not sent you an email.

- Initially I was so ill he can not do that. Then, when calm, I think with a child who no longer want in your life, then try to touch, cling only made me like a leech. - I give him a smile blooming half bitter, half and pick up a tantalizing piece of sushi into my mouth. The rest of the dinner took place in delicious horror and the social questions. In my thinking, reunion never so scarey. But say what for, where the change in each person, other people have been clearly identified.

4. Ken, a Thai boyfriend of mine, in Bangkok Christmas and New Year with his family. I should have followed him. But last minute, I ask to stay anonymously because "Christmas is to go home." After looking at the aircraft take to the sky Ken Lung Lo, I am a private message to Wei. This Christmas, I wanted to share with you. By next Christmas, I want my relationship and I - even if only through vague thoughts, memories flickers - integrity is terminated. I Vi appointment on a bridge between downtown and suburban districts. Stay away from the honking noise and dust filled atmosphere of the crowd to welcome Noel is that move the heart of city. Stay away from cotton brocade drop was carefree and silly to the top of each other, just itching whiz just dirty. Stay away from the warm scent and anonymous face wet from sweat so crowded. I want to enjoy Christmas Eve with integrity relaxed both mentally and physically. Great on my appointment as a bridge ... I know - I love the feeling to go through the bridge. - About fifty meters away from me, the king said with great reach.

- No doubt you remember. - Go over a bridge like you're a challenge overcome, a journey, coming closer to his dream. - I repeat his words in the past. - But tonight we'll just stand in the middle for Christmas, because he has not overcome all the journey, not touch your dreams. ONLY IN NEW halfway! - I deliberately say to those last words, half opened his mouth, half laughing gas cloud cool welcome from the river to overflow. - Tonight is Christmas, I can not cut to please me? - His voice was a bit uncomfortable. I turned to him, nhoen laugh and put two fingers to his mouth pulling one line instead of the promise will not say anymore. He offers two coffee cup chestnuts, my coffee addiction least once, and two small pieces of cake. We stand together, the bridge, enjoying the Christmas party to save, hit the cool breeze fine winter night, watching the river sparkling reflections of all kinds of lights, hear the sound of the night disturbing festivities from inside the center as far as near. We did not add any sentence together until nearly midnight, when a small church bell nearby began started pouring.

- Giving you ... - Have you ... We talk to each other almost simultaneously. I extend towards him a square gift box, decent. He also put on me a gift box is carefully packed. We surprised a second, laughed and took the box from the other hand. In the box for me is the general photographs of them both, but the winter of that year when he was brought out. Two sparkling smile. My hair was long and black. The two heads close together close to each other. Happy moments per mm2 of the image. My heart trembled. My hands hold the box, rigid in the air, did not bother to pick up pictures.

- It's time to pay for the frame and picture. He brought pictures embrace it because they do not want to cry every night. The less celebrated it as fast as you rebalance. - His voice softly. - What a Christmas present for you is a question sorry you? - I smiled but could not understand the meaning of his own smile.

- None. This is just the image alone. I breathed again pulled out a medium and form a meaningless smile. I scooped eye toward the box on my hand. His fingers open it in cautiously, as it fears that the animals could dent his mood - as if he has a gift for me. When an error jade colored scarf out of the box, the muscle fibers to relax on his face. He gripped the hand towel, eyes stuck on it. - "Do not touching too!

- My voice is cool. - I knit you? - Way! Do you have a boyfriend but I do need to spend the same. I bought it, where not cheap. - Jade colored scarf. - Color name. The time to see it, he will be haunted by them. I'll put the will as the hand was strangling him. He looked at me, eyes filled with confusion and a little scared. Suddenly my phone vibrate. Ken calls. I picked up the phone and started walking away from Great place. "I miss you. There Are you warm? Happy with your family? "- When I run up a very soft voice of Ken Thai violently into his eardrum. My tears flowed down suddenly. "What? Are you crying? "

- Ken's voice filled with anxiety. I force myself to laugh to rip down market where the hiccups are collected larynx. I did not answer, only laughter I heard a jingle every time. Ken blizzard of questions, I listened with tears flowing and more. I sniffingly a nose. - "I'm ok. Just mak ... kid tueng thoe ma! "(1) - Then do not listen to his answers, I turned off the machine. I turned Vi. I still stand between the bridge, I'm a moderate way. Make sure he looked at me, hands still clutching a scarf the color of jade. I smiled a smile so far as he then turned towards the steps. A pointer to the wind wrapped around my body. I shiver. The wind brought the image of the old winter back. Dark winter days because of the leave. And then winter. Pictures of myself in the cold and lonely. Suddenly the light began alone in seeing me since Vi brilliant flare up: I had the answers to life his skewed so long. From the winter of that year

- damn the winter off, but because I like throwing away a handful of snow - I did not dare to love someone with all your heart, your best. The last thing in love is separation - Think of this evil alone rolled onto my mind, that I always keep moderation, always make any distance with any guy dating her. I am afraid of being hurt again. And the silk situation cautiously, always carefully cut it soon. - I'm sorry! - Great shout behind me. I turned around, saw me a few seconds and walked quickly to his seat. "Smack!" - I slapped a strong latitude. My lips trembled. I feel the fire burning in his eyes.

The ideal time passed, the idea when I open my heart to the world, the liberal-minded idea when I can forgive the Great. But no. These feelings are ugly only just filled, were camouflaged by the tangle of arguments noble clichés, such as "when no longer wanted to be together again, you should stop this, no need to say goodbye but I do. Split only cause pain and happiness for both. " That feeling is the tumor in his life, the dream lover. I love the feeling of giving away not worth a dime. That feeling itself is very cheap. Are times when I look Great that's very comfortable endless.

These knots in my heart burst out into the open. - Wish you Merry Christmas! Then, I turned away and walked faster. I just recently went muttering to himself, "Merry Christmas" and my heart really feels like. I began to sketch out the thinking for tomorrow: In the morning, I'll go to church with their parents, then my afternoon flight to Bangkok will
- there are people that love me. By Floy

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