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Wind bell "reasonable shaking"

- ... On the photo sharing is a photograph of a" happy self "two very pretty girl. Bach by his gf does not know is that you do it? On the left is a girl with long hair, large eyes, laugh with you bunch of birds tomboy hair cut right.
Em ... cute little flower buds, dying sun Republic mai fun in the wind ...

in December. Melbourne is the summer sunshine dazzling. Spirit open the laptop, look wallpaper images and quietly laughing when it was cheering last Christmas at the beach .... It has completed the project and a common test is perfect, the water is about to be on vacation, generally serene soul is not encumbered anything. Sign in Yahoo out of habit, quickly answer inquiries offline. Bach - boy friend, jump on it buzz:

- Hey Ghost, how is it? You may be going on?

- Order it, so a month.

- Yeah, at this party we all then I exam, are anxiously awaiting the ancient New Year.

- mau mau I also want to Hanoi to celebrate than you sir

- Uh, this year I have girlfriend then, free to go out New Year, hehe

- What?! Oh my god! Everywhere, for I see the face of "I í" no.

- Here, a wealth of beautiful home, that good anymore. You're watching carefully passed, he he

On the photo sharing is a photograph of a "happy self" two girls, um, pretty cute. Bach by his gf does not know is that you do it? On the left is a girl with long hair, big eyes, clear white, with your smile beams birds tomboy hair cut right. Suddenly the Spirit was very impressed with your smile right, natural, gentle and easy to make others peaceful soul .. Natural Ghost type very fast in the chat window with Bach:

- You left eyebrow, right? (And the Spirit also secretly wish to be true, oh)

- Uh, me tomorrow, you're not standard.

- (Ghost sigh) What about your short hair right?

- Thanh á?

- Um, I see your gf's prettier í you (smile)

- Ui ui, dead you know! Well okay, bar is extremely comfortable to you. Do not want to know, for this nick.

UK ... sweet and unexpected, sounds of singing let go by the wind ...

bar is open, up room and tumbled into bed is relieved. Results of a very good semester,

its expectations. Turn on the radio, want to chat with Mai for a while. There is a strange nick add it.

- Hi Thanh! I was Father, and friend of Bach Mai

- Um, hello Father, I heard Mai tells him many times

- for example ...?

-, It is studying in Melbourne, going on "vacation." In Aus children also quite interesting, to welcome the new year between Christmas and summer

^ ^ - Yeah, one day was to see him and Bach Mai, want to get acquainted with him: D

- Give me a legitimate reason, then I'm new to chat.

- Uay, afraid so. Uhm ... I'm impressed with your smile ... really bar, 100% always!

- Hmm .. reason is not very new, so many people told then that: P But no problem, he says prove it, hehe

- golly, it turns out the "test" her. Relax, I mean people never lie (laugh)

- Oh yeah, so I asked, now it is sitting where?

- On the bed, the room, in the school's dormitory.

- In rooms there are?

- Nope, they are roommates or ride, or is Water and

- To steel him to do?

- Prepare a map on the suitcase has been gradually, about two weeks, I

- it is now around what kind of things?

- Um any view, book Advanced Mathematics, test results of my semester, iPod, book Twilight, and ... oh my bar are questioning or why?!!

- I do not know, ask that Father answered less than the sky is always much (laugh) Well, I believe he was "never lie" and then , and so ... more childish and innocent always scary ^ ^

- Aish. Poor me. All day long been criticized for his "children" mean?! 17 years old instead of ">

- Hehe, her children rather than go: P à Linh also read Twilight. In the movie this coming í then, I also really liked Edward

- Really, this garment, you about this campaign to go see the newly ^ ^

- Yeah, well, you know ... Spirit

Specifically, two eight children with a fluency of everything in heaven and on earth, and discovered that ... very well, unfortunately did not know each other from first, if not, now is the drive of each other then. Spirit sees her child in a fast, easy to close and intelligent. Bar may understand the loneliness of a child to study abroad as Father, especially when friends are on the move at all. Two people sympathize with and understand each other, befriend each other. Friends are the other behind ...

... How my heart would miss many gods worshiped night, expect to be there moments you

roam the Victoria Spirit Street. It is defined in the city center to buy some gifts for relatives. Ghost headphones iPod set to shuffle, walk the streets watching the band (street band). Melbourne has international students of the largest of its kind in the world, after London, New York and Paris. Life is rich and happy, people open and close, there is a broad review of Spirit of Melbourne after a year here. Thanh Linh suddenly remembered. Her friendship is like a strange wind blowing in our joys Spirit Clear Spirit do feel lonely these days. Spirit smiled softly, turned a small souvenir shop on the road. Choose several gifts such as key chain, mobile machinery, cotton ... Spirit kangaroo loudly suddenly interested in seeing a beautiful wind chimes on the shelf, probably imported from China. A gift to give than standard bar ...

- Buzz!

- Thanh know well, what's up?

- Just come back from that?

- Play (smile) Take í buying gifts that people, after about a week then nothing

- Um. Chang.

- Learning a party this year too in love with Melbourne. "Most Livable City World"

- What?

- The Economist vote there, in 2002 and 2004. Pleasant weather, multi-cultural life, reasonable price ... so the "easy life" nothing ^ ^ Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, and, um, was once the capital of Australia from 1901 to 1927.

- Wow. Mr Know plucking;))

- Hi. Melbourne only know a little about it. To this study, they must learn to support the culture shock, but knowledge about Hanoi's Thanh much less me.

- I'm in the streets all day and then nothing, so embarrassed. Spirit will lead me here and then go play. Hanoi has many sweet and beautiful place, the right kind of "hidden charm" í.

- Ok, with both daughter Hanoi gentle and beautiful chair that (laugh)

torus wan ... Suddenly he remembered every night awake, He is the warmth of my life ...

A milk tea shop near the lake. Cocoa milk bar drinking alone. The weather will be cold, drizzling rain as Hanoi John John poetic than ever. It laughs at the memory of those times to chat with Spirit and introduced to Hanoi as a professional tour guide. Another new friend, but has not been a month and Linh Thanh consider each other friends were crucial.

Or, it may be more reasonable?

It looks like he has this word in my heart ... I dream ...
Noi Bai Airport on Tet. Ghost hands on hips, inhale deeply for a chest full of cold air, but this pleasant. Backpack jacket over his shoulders, dragging suitcases out where Linh relative
s are waiting chirping. Just get a taxi, instead of soldiers in the old phone and sim just briefly a sms for the bar.

"It's Ghost. I'm in Hanoi. "

" Oi, that a? Went home immediately buzz slightly. Congratulations. Bar. "

- Ta da!

- In Hanoi and then see how?

- in line, tired (laugh) kidding, very happy. Hanoi is gentle and true beauty, as he had told Thanh

^ ^ - Hehe. Tired, then rest for a few days at home was strong.

- Oh no. About 2 weeks there, "at home" How is (smile) He Bach had planned to go play it already. Small Vincom, Twilight, yeah yeah!

- Oh, perish, what kind of kids that (laugh)

- ax.

- But I like that.

- ...

- Oh my, I mean it like childlike í. Son, that too is as mature young man í.

- ...

- Oh eh?

- Do you like me?

- (smile) sure is. And I know the Father also.

- Uh, I ...

- Heyyy! Stop. I deliberately waited until now, is wanted for Spirit on my body screaming in my ear ... (laugh)


Vincom City Tower. 6 floors. The group you have just finished watching Twilight, step out from the elevator. A cold wind blew up to make girls scream for flood ... love. But even then, they had to shout louder and longer more interesting, because Spirit has reached the front bar and shout ... "Hey ... Thanhhhh! I likeeee youuuuu !!!..."

Yearn love will take the wings ...

bar sitting in the chat room at 2nd floor. Hear the bike and walked hello to your mother clearly Thanh Linh, Thanh could not help laughing:

- North Asia I offer!

- Yeah, there Linh à. Happy New Year without him?

- Oh yes, sir, this is the Tet in Hanoi's most fun I ^ ^

- The never fly there?

- Three more days to North Asia. Must take advantage of playing pitches in Hanoi as "sweet and beautiful", as the bar has told me a ^ ^

There's laughter mother Thanh, Linh's footsteps up the stairs, then English bar the door open to the wind chimes ring the holy meat (hi hi)

- Still does not change the type of kids are not you? - Thanh chuckled

- Change is just change it, but then many people will not like her anymore. For example, bar such parent (both laugh)

- or nothing. Does go out, "Hanoi gentle and beautiful!

Two children laughed. Spirit will be back again some day farewell to Hanoi to fly to Melbourne, but it said that from now it will always be here for a reason shook wind chimes make it laugh, and remember to dream of peace in Hanoi, dear ...

I will always love you little people, a voluntary general agreement on the two of us belong together ...

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