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The wild boy girl

class="separator" They say" very smart girl now, "but we also have considered her" wild boy. " Behind the clumsy foolish immaturity of these girls is the torment, the torment of the parents.
Consequences of Love

Both neighbors have elected audio music station, although she is studying third year university. Home boy asked to bring food festival, the girls do not get fired because of certain side of you do not have stable jobs. As a student, the future of a very wide open. But well-off family, her parents could not accept the bridegroom cotton wool, no occupation at a time, there were rumors of a drug addiction. But the child was given birth. But we sure "stupid boy".

Nhung Binh used in a passenger car trips. Pinyin is the guy suspended plastic mine car, flirting with girls as fast as the fire pan. Velvet - a teenage girls and even private cars fell in love with him openly ignored. Circulating family finally happened: But is elected. Finally, "it did not take the land, the land must be heaven," But my parents had married her. Her mother sighed, saying: "You bring the wild." He also threatened that any other treatment, if not married or de children go, it will kill. Commercial off the gut, but it made it bear. After suffering this ban call ".

Victims innocent people

Unlike other, more astute Ly. She lives with her boyfriend and paying for lodging, meals for him because even though love the guy's salary, a civil engineer excessively high compared to wages of parents Ly. Since Ly is a second year student, not make money so of course her parents' money used to provide for her boyfriend. Man as a glass of pampered pets of kings or compliment him in front of friends out of ink.

Ly virtue first saw her boyfriend is coming to our shores in sacrifice for them. Hung parents (name him) should soon lose all your work heaped on his family. Her youngest sister was raised by him. Ly always won so the financial cost because "he must also pay the school for girls, get us out of money." Ly tried to think of spending more "reasonable" to ask for more money to provide for Hung. Ly parents believe her daughter is well behaved, gentle, so she ask her how much for so many, never calculate.

The inn that Ly and boyfriend living together as husband and wife are calling on parents Ly. Ly parents not only believe but also to language, that the owners have an aversion to his daughter should slander. After two years of marriage, her sister's graduation Hung, Hung also always broke up with Ly. Ly painful to learn that her younger sister's precious love is actually no blood little brother what to do with gut clearance. Parents' money that is "bringing chicken rice treated forest."

These girls are considered "wild boys" are victims of fraud. They often have to suffer the consequences. But most men do not consider love, do not want to bind family responsibilities soon. So the damage has always belonged to the girls. For the love of uncertainty, a man who never was his, the bid that is too large to be affordable?

The psychologist said that depending on the circumstances, depending on the character of their children that parents can intervene appropriately. Whether the "wild" parents can not intervene style ban, imposed ... because this will push their children further. The best way is to become your child's, often close to me.

When you see a mistake from the start, then stop by to chat, I found the analysis to "wild "her. But when did not do such a thing has happened to the consequences (pregnancy, children suffer because he realized the true face "mining "...), parents need to calm down, prop up the child, thereby encouraging and point out the logical solution.

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