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Why is he afraid of marriage?

guy and you love each other dearly, love has to be challenged, but why your story is ending?
The following reasons can be difficult even listen to or joked with you as yet may explain why he's afraid to marry you.

1. Do not want to change money storage place continuously. The more you do not want to send money in secret bank.

2. Not like the end of the week were captured in the native wife, played with my wife clean the house for his wife and beat her game is never won with her father.

3. Do not want to hear all day woman asked: Why did not he make more money by Teo, why not be promoted above him Teo, why not love his wife with Ti, does not know his work home with Ti, Gifts do not know ... like you!

4. Not on the road look like pretty girls being married ... structure.

5. Do not want to say "I wear very nice", even though his wife did not like that.

6. Holidays do not want to hear the wife should figure out their gifts to the husband's or more.

7. His mother did not want more fighting an opponent or the cold war.

8. Not wanting his wife to clean the grounds and then enlist the drawer test, my desk to see if something is not found.

9. Do not want to because the guy's income is low or low for him.

10. Do not want to hear her whisper in their ear: "Today, you love me? He said love me more time! "Do not lie to you, today you love me? Tomorrow he love me? One day you love me? I love you to ever ?..."

11. Not wanting to switch channels while you're passionate about or watch a football game.
12. Wife does not want to be questioned to 3 am only because of her roommate to call press conference early tomorrow morning.

13. Do not want to sleep outside the room every week just because of forgotten birthdays trot wife.

14. Not wanting her mother to leave home and then on the day to eat bread instead of rice for his trot her colleagues called his sleep.

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