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Why I did not want to get married?

Recently, some people stay single or marry late is increasing, especially in large cities, the number of single women than men so much. What is the reason they do not want to step into this new life?

Career Respect

In fact, each person is seriously business and want your spouse is a person of status, work capacity and could prop up my. But due to many factors that now, some people choose to be their partner so as not many, especially among intellectuals. They put those achievements in their work, progress in career goals and the greatest joy of life. And his career is also the most important factor for them to choose a mate for her, sending them to strive for happiness in a career. This love can be eternal only when they both spouses have careers, "eternal."

Search the full spirit

With the advancement and development of social and emotional needs of the human person is enhanced, and the girls have chosen a partner mentality can satisfy emotional for them also more and more, they appreciate the thought, emotion, ethics, character, hobbies ... enemy, seeking harmony of soul and emotion. Just feel the spirit of fun, meet the economic conditions, family ... are not important. Love is built on the basis of the spirit of love is considered superior, and has many beautiful love story should be written, but also an unrealistic pursuit.

Money is the leading factor

Those who choose to partner with psychologists such relatively common, especially in areas with less developed economies. They put the economic situation of the enemy on the top position, marriage to satisfy their food needs, clothing, housing, recreation ... Type of marriage is based on material and money are often not sustainable, economic conditions can create and change of marriage, so it can also take off because of deteriorating economic conditions, and when two People no longer attractive to each other, break up the inevitable outcome.

pursuit appearance

this Psychology often very common in the young, who also wants her partner is beautiful and eye-catching appearance, this is the common psychology of people, but if any one who can best pursue model looks nice, you can go wrong. Feelings arise based on appearance are often only temporary in nature, time goes by, everyone is aging and in love that will go away. "Beauty is only a temporary appearance, beauty, new soul is forever."

Request perfect

There are many women when choosing your own mate has set out a series of standards, just do not fit a two-point, despite the feelings of how well the enemy are ripped right out of the "sights". Those standards so choose your partner are very difficult to get married.


These ladies have only psychological want to play, play but not married just a few. Playing on the emotions of others, they have bad thoughts about love, and they do not know how to appreciate true love.

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