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Why do I not have a boyfriend?

I have not ever agree to go! But nobody knows it spread? 17 children were too arrogant, e is its not enough to wait for my big day. The little sister is 27, then e "dry" too.
26 years old, handsome, clever, witty, resourceful and have plenty of confidence but I do not have love, this is unfamiliar to many people. Who does not understand this guy is sure make "trouble", friends say, the security always fails "in its picky." But really, I was a completely normal both in terms of level of psychological and selective. So why do I not have a boyfriend?

Times change so fast, look at the little boy less than ten years old but I feel older than the ... 50, but a few generations. Grower Grower little boy looking for two new school something burning in the whirlwind of love, I just shook my head said stick blade, the articles do not understand (but I admit that, because somehow I've come across that age then).

"Who loves not is not the person", yes, one is born that cha want to be. Search for the half-life will start when we are aware of their son and daughter that someone is not a kid "not blow their noses clean" again. The vibrations of life would be like to wake up the missile, a guy can become healthier by the people, ignorant, or to make a girl takes to eat, sleep and begin to "cheat his mother lying "to step foot into place to date.

Level 2 does not say too Foolish to do more, but to level 3, the story begins. Through public education ranking with a fruit garden, I became the focus of the girls. Starting with the unofficial visits regularly (the house near the school), called "husband" confess "wife" weddings. Especially if they try to ingratiate himself with my mother made me happy sometimes funny. Some she started writing letters and ... show love. Alas! First love letter I received "turkey ecstasy", but thanks to the high skill and focus of intensive study and their parents on the embankment embankments that I passed all, make sure one hand is not a girl.

feet wet foot dry foot on the threshold of college, having just one child in the room next to the rushing attack. You are exam to become artists, but soon the first walk together, they paint a paradise in which a small house, a smart boy like his father, a pretty girl like you , what do fathers, mothers do ... She said much, much, I do not remember anymore, but that really stunned almost to move. Now that I think do not understand why his back on the old "allergic" to the world about getting married, probably in "preemptive attack" bit strong for a growing boy like me.

From the second year, my daughter is no longer referred to "we", the "baby" anymore. Instead, I call "me" sounds very sweet. In the class also developed a group of men and women fairly regularly travel dust in most destinations around Hanoi (within 150 km) or pull in different provinces of the odd, queer studies science, argued with each other ...

But until the school did not have any double the rice into porridge. You found it great, but ideally it ... just that, nothing else. Turn to look at her to get married, heart really hurt, so down really, just a little more jealous, but truly understand each other more than stabbing a very difficult request. If left like that about living together is sometimes good, but sure loved it right is harder to heaven.

School graduate, class of 10, have three daughters, then again Your team is back in college, if they were asked to wait until spring now. Home of my neighbor's bathroom a few rays, then they said "I keep joking, but his sublime reach anyone." That looks so real, higher education, the more difficult to get married. Looking back at his friend at home, finishing Year 12 extra college ball with children in grade one, as far as the village chief. Several middle school boy, college, it was cradling her baby, houses all tie, just sitting here all by yourself asking why dull!

Going to be a few years, the number of times to go married friends who have eaten more than my age then. Parents urged not to look into the street, but last week I saw two pairs each rub shoulders together, sad heart is hard to describe, see also "impatient" ages. But look around looking miserable cycle that may not fit any rumors that hit, little sister, what the agency had in there at all, the four friends around the country. Last week also left with only three children alone inside your body warm tea, discuss the situation states only.

In fact, I also have many opportunities to find half of my life , to improve themselves and become true man, but watch out the "opportunity" did not work for me. Many had brought her "fat" cat mouth hung, or something provocative, but is probably a good person, I do not want "to harm the good daughter." Many also wanted the hijackers to the tongue, or go anywhere, certainly, but eventually you just dare to do good only.

Look back now discovered the problem: I have not yet spread Never! But nobody knows it spread? 17 children were too arrogant, e is its not enough to wait for my big day. The little sister is 27, then e "dry" too. Recomputing only a few children from 22 to 26 is appropriate. There are also many old familiar.

But now its spring, trees sprout and emerge ... flowering, the trip was, had nothing to end the next spring. In any case that you are young.

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