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Who are you?

He was my first thought waking up every morning, 3 times a week. He was my best wishes to receive messages, although only one word.
He was able to show affection to me most clearly.
He is so sexy lips ... but specializes steal my kisses. He's handsome
normal. But I have not seen anyone more than him.
He was ungainly. But my charm. He
cultural ignorance. Should all act.
He ...
As I used to "burn" the most.
As I wanted to "kill" the most.
As I want to love the most ...
As I broke the most. Then come back with split times.
A person interested in teaching me how to love!
He's not normal, as is always special to me. He expressed or weird things classic. Sometimes I like. Sometimes it is not acceptable. He treated me very cruel, less interest, but banned me a lot. He never natural gift for me. I have no idea.
He's clumsy. Maybe tomorrow I will be very hard. But he never hid me anything. He often says the opposite of what you think. I know redundant. He or a red herring when I find fault.

He was so upset. Yet I still party hard at him.
He pretends to romance, while I was very romantic.
He was sorry for me. Me too. I adapted to him. I have seen the cruelty of the other names he goes by what are known as Love.
I must learn to say the opposite.
Learn to retaliate.
Learn how to pretend.

I gradually less romantic.
I learned how to control, to avoid thinking that "beating death" when he was mad. But I never loved him restraint.
sensitive and shy I hit him faster. I hate him. Hate Is not the culmination of love?
He was so romantic I love rather than to be interesting!
He should message me wake up every morning!

He should ask me what are you doing? With whom? Where?
He should learn to love me!
He's not perfect!
No luck. But too much debt.
Anyway should not lose someone like him. Should be with him, he came towards perfection rather! I have accepted that.
He was so lucky!
But ...

... Who is he?


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