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The white paper

One late afternoon, when the sun has finally turned off, deserted beach, a young girl walking alone on the sand with no feet. She stopped steps, turning to look behind you like your review has left footprints in the sand. But nothing has clean air. She intended to go forward, she turned to be startled because the image before: inside a burning fire, sat an old woman wrapped in a blanket, slowly paging through a book.

She tried to calm down, approaching the woman and asked: "She came from? Just recently, I did not see you And how did the group that this fire so quickly?". A voice said slowly and clearly, the old woman replied, not to the girl's question: "Please sit down here with me, child. I have something for you."

The girl sat down beside the fire, received the book from her mysterious hand. She curiously turned the pages and was shocked to read the words written about her life, about everything happening to her from birth until now. She has written to the page about the strange encounter between myself and the lady beside the fire in this deserted beach. Turn the next page, but it is empty. She hurried search in the remaining pages, but not a word, they are completely empty. Bewilderment, with eyes for help, she looked at the old woman:

- This means that my life will end here, right now?

- No, my child. It means that from this night, my life began.

In a moment, the woman holding the book, started tearing each page, from the first page with the words of her life since birth, putting them on the fire, so fire licked until the coal. She handed the empty pages with words that she had read. Finished, she gave her daughter the rest of the book, the entire white paper are:

- You see, the waves had erased my footprints in the sand. His past was never again, never. Only now is their reality. Each present moment is a beginning of human life and human life that is theirs to keep. No comeback for the second time, each present moment. Important of all, each new day will bring you a chance to love, to live and that chance never came again a second time. The future of children, children are free to choose according to the child's dream. And on this white paper also, the child is the next write those words about my life.

Then, also, when suddenly appear, along elderly woman disappears in a fire ball

night ... your life and my girls like it and everyone - the past is what we have written on sand, waves will erase all ; what the future is going to write on white paper, from today, right now at this moment. What is written here, for my own life ...

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