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White Crane

-" The information she had only two things: Being sick albino, and Memoirs weird ."... A small girl in a light blue dress with bare legs and arms thin white smooth, dancing under the big rains.
"You are the music in the wind, so they are jumping crane snow dance between heaven and earth. "
special characteristic is that he did not take his eyes, chestnut hair is thin light pressure on the back and round smooth oval face smiling, just shone bright colors Cranes on their dancing a beautiful dance of its own.
cool door bell rang in a sunny summer afternoon, disrupting sleep between the day of Wei. Die-cast up his record, do not forget to shout out the window, asked people standing in front of his five-minute wait. Coat with a thin shirt and pair of jeans hanging on the price, Wei as he walked down the open door, just locusts tangle tangled hair.

The threshold of the small house to rent simple a woman neatly dressed woman, nodding his head at his luxurious. The uncle they are foreign, her face still calm and indifferent as the last time I met him between that day last year. The only embarrassing uncle invited into the house, glanced quickly shiny cars parked in the alley odd students cramped.

I do not see your lot, but because your pretty close with his mother before, so I called back and talked. I just do not know, because nothing, they found a woman off as his uncle came home today. Uncle stepped into a small motel room, seem to barely notice the blanket or folding the clumsy way he put lemon juice mixed quick cup of tea from the package on the table Icetea thorny books.

After a few questions, courtesy, with their frank with foreign capital, he went into the problem right.

Are you are doing more in Tutoring center right, Duy?

uncle works for you is to tutor for your daughter. Former tutor of her contract has expired and the decision to study abroad, so doctors want to find someone to replace, who can be trusted, the best is the same house, to be able to understand and avoid many troubles. The only hit that problem ask your stuff could be anything, but the doctor just said then he would understand.

The information she had only two words: sick albino, and slightly odd. Upon hearing this, he was a little creepy, a denial, but bills monthly rent did you think again, then hacker blade itself to where to comfort. Physician declined to give other characteristics except education and age (she was seventeen years on), such as hobbies or how to use their leisure time. In addition, he is more one thing: her name is Heaven.

Duy walked carefully on the tiled floor the color indigo, the villa has a design in harmony marine painting. Corner rooms have mini system, streams and ornamental waterfall, large plate glass window stretching the walls, overlooking the green gardens in the rain. The first day of his working days as a storm dumped rain showers struck down from the sky gray, dark even though the space has only three o'clock. A few days earlier, after sorting out all the required documents, carefully searching for albino patients out there, confident he can begin his work.

Suddenly he startled to hear holler bar furniture.


Uncle maid called out and ran toward the garden. Do not understand what was happening, he hurried away by walking down the books. Once you've hidden from the big pots, Wei saw a scene for the first time in his life that he stood again.

A little girl in blue dress with bare legs and pale skinny white smooth hand, dancing under the big rains. Silk fabric hugging her slender frame people, such as deep layers of paint were carefully wiped up artist does it fare as slender, elegant curved back plate. Separated from the skirt where her knees, sliding in the rain, with each light step on the musical imagination. Special point is that he did not take his eyes, chestnut hair is thin light pressure on the back and round smooth oval face smiling, like hair color light shone on their cranes are dancing a beautiful dance its own.

He was standing there, looking in her skinny little body was hastily wrapped in layers of soft cotton cloth mother, to be held in his hand into the house maids. Surf in through the door where he was based in a nonchalant expression, one could not show up on the strange eyes between layers of warm towels, and gave him a smile and looked pale indifference climbing lat.

her eyes, also chestnut that long day.

disease albino God has given eyes and chestnut hair difference right from birth. Even thin eyebrows and line the edges of the same length and color fade, just as God has sprinkled the snow on her tiny eyes. Often those who choose to bring patient albino hair short, but God did not cut to the waist-length hair with soft silk weak, somewhat ragged first albino ngon.Benh pretty heavy level of God as she baby allergic to all forms of sunlight, which God can not go to school, such as peers, can only hire home school tutor. Body is not easy enough to do God illness and lack of resistance and infectious diseases to the body hidden in others, so you can not have more than those who used her as a child care. Even Duy also be careful and pay attention hard to help those who help the work of "sterilized" before entering the house, with a number of antibiotics and sprays.

Sure necessarily so, God is quite serious character. Seldom smile, if there is only very slight smile. His eyes looked toward the garden behind a thick glass window sunscreens. The only tutor for her, teaching culture, the few that answer those questions, the more social. When he gave her a math instructor, a physics formula, God listened quietly, patiently obedient write on small notebooks. However, Duy started talking to at the time he idly listening to music, going out with you that weekend, God will look up his voice indifferent, but chestnut eyes shining, asked the Hanoi streets have what, the sky is the color of sunshine at the stars, are different from rain or not at ?...

-god as the sun will be green. When the green light, while the blue color.
-Duy, who was not cloudy?

-Most do not have cloudy, sometimes with a few scattered long white cloud where that.

God or his name, not title, straight ice cold as a friend. Thien small voice and audio, such as singing a gentle note of cranes on the river bank away.

-Duy, why there is not much out there like grass in my garden?

-Because people want to move quickly out of their busy lives , should not want to have grass in the way.

God heard right, the eye swept down, holding pen dormant. Then she looked toward her garden.

Thanks to God, Only noticed more things on the way I look at him go. He knows young people often laugh more than her uncle was rushed to the spot to exhaustion. I know the grass can not live on the streets full of smoke and dust. He knows when the rain, looking at the sky will clear view of how clouds are most angry, it will rain to most places, the rain will be heavy. He knows the situation of students tan is beautiful, the uniforms and the other, happy and joking. And he said, God can never see that scene.

-Out I really did not do outdoors?

God give you a smile withering, forlorn.

There were times I go out the afternoon sun, still a bit of sunlight. Children with severe skin burns, eye irritation can not be opened, many hair loss.

Only silent, hand-turned pens the small, God is looking at his eye
s never left the garden. Suddenly he saw God on the lips, the other with a smile, radiant and sparkling.

-But they escaped into the rain. Especially in the summer rain, the sky became dark, no sun. Busy people to go out of laundry, take concrete plants in the pots, did not notice me. At that time I'll be dancing in the rain.

She turned to him. Iridescent eyes wide, pale edges flashing light, silk hair drooping elbows touch, God is still very beautiful smile.

-As you first meet him.

After more than half a year to tutor for God, one evening, he called out to him Only two plane tickets. He stared at them, then north towards the eyes, do not quite understand what your mind. Two hands holding your towel smells soa, speak your voice, like being in another place.

-Thien only two months. Due to weak resistance, along with other illness, your body no longer bear it for long. Two weeks later, doctors will have to put God to the hospital.

He is holding a book letting go.

- Uncle said it wanted out, so he asked I see a doctor. He told if you want, you can make it to snow in one day. There, the sky thick with clouds, so there is not much sunshine. Week after week is more snow in London, he wanted me to put it there. Uncle sorry to disturb you so, but ...

The mother could not bear the weight of his own words, lie down on the shoulders Duy. Her tears spilled over the wrinkles have been too much, count on more than seventeen years of fighting with her daughter's illness. Her shoulders shaking, trying to keep the handkerchief is not to sob choked her ears reach the top floor.

Me, can only look like two tickets are tied to lay lingered on the floor.

-Duy, look, look.

The first time he heard God raised his voice, sounded excited. She slipped from his hand at the airport door, rolling in piles of soft snow. Face to the sky looked natural incipient new dawn, eyes open to see thick clouds a pale, mouth breathing out cold smoke pleasure.

-Duy, snow in other countries blue, which is white, gray. Winter crops there is no blue in my garden, which is half snow peas on the branches, very nice. Wei, who wears many coats, tall, and by car. Only, they are outside, you are on the outside, no windows, no walls, there Duy here.

Duy Thien see her smile looked. She turned round, despite some people walking around looking weird. Suddenly she took off his coat, thick wool skirt to reveal white long-sleeved body immediately. He startled the bird ran my hand God, even evil, the fear of cold spells will also rob God from him faster. But she only smiled.

And I saw her lips wet. God's light pink lips gently placed his lips, in seconds, and then as he's still stunned, God removed his hand away. She ran toward a large area in the summer snow route parking. Only small cranes begin their dance.

Foreigners who travel around the airport car parking London that day, she saw a strange dance on the snow. Someone has turned a ballad song on their phone, feet of God then swept under the direction of music, dance steps scan the snow to escape seemingly tenuous fragile. Air plate white dress in pale gray of the sky, the clear color of the scene, rotate pan and melt in the air. Hair soft, long, light up a metallic colors float on the back plate slender, like undercoat smooth small cranes on the roof top. Chestnut brown eyes with clear, innocent shut, just smiling lips, strange calm.

Duy swallow choking in tears, as though, boys do not cry. Heaven just like a crane I read in fairy tales. This morning, her first crane will fly away, would leave him ... But only this time, this time alone, let him embrace her taking scenery.

Duy Thien to watch Light brown hair, white dress, red shoes. Dance of freedom, happiness.

*** Two months later.

3 / 4 book online /..., of central hospitals: patient room No. 107, Dao Thien Japan, breathed his last.

3 / 4 /..., fate of the book God: A small cranes have returned to the sky, where it should belongs. Leave a son with memories can never fade, the last dance filled with happiness at dawn, between the white snow region.

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