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Where, then, that ... yes, I broke up!

How many children long ago, six months, that not, is exactly 6 months and 17 days. He Children's faster, it seems time for a love that is too long and for a quick goodbye. Stunned that a quick look at the next meeting, look in your eyes, you know, I was no longer the same.
Someone once said, love is just a reason for love . But farewell, how many reasons for it. I love each day too. I always puzzled when he saw me very affectionate, very happy. Really embarrassing. Not because they do not love, but because I do not know love from time to time, so what, simply from the time that my heart has his quiver. So as fate. It fell down so suddenly I did not recognize.
You and I are together when you go to practice at his company, we work together, but also less common room because he had to practice nhieu.luc also me and you only talk to each other on the network at night because the two together very late, but formula 1 t / g I know that because he did not let me know it was me. At that time I do not have feelings for him or even just talk to each other on every night only.

When the company split ends practice group because we have a very happy festival. when he calls me on and talk to them and remember back a message saying that you should not sleep anymore ... but last time I was going to have feelings for him from time unknown. He was very concerned for you, I was very interested ly.nhung he never invites me to go play at all, when you want to go I only suggested that he understood and took him away. When you want to meet you just to say that he immediately (do not know if it is so new that new love or not) say love is not two months that I said goodbye because she has to house you do not want to love wearing Although I still love anh.anh inside trying to pull me back and we'd continue. But not long later, on a Tuesday evening 7 I'm sure I'll come get you or hanging out, but wait until 10pm not see a message that the brothers were very disappointed and called him, then he is on my way home, he should go in Ha Tay motorcycles more than 1 hour only. but he did not tell him I know about (since he had never before let me know what you are sad or have not talk to me) much as I do not think that's what you both. I am very upset that night to tell that a should be a t e g to understand better. only a message that "a would can not do things a discretion."

The next day a private e re, a say 'forget a go. no longer be regarded as a anymore "and e has a message for a lot but do not be one word replies. times before a suspect has not disappointed e say goodbye so easily. This was so frustrated or make a sao.da a week for a private e ko ko and also received the message on e a.ngoai still do not seem to love more freely, but in my heart wanted a home with e e . E have to do now. e and then make a forgotten right? e the day is also remembered, though a very busy job, but a still e heart f
Then one night to a message re-e, e have received feedback from a number e were very pleased, but I have the body because that's not a child that is an e gai.Nguoi that the name? a, e and said to forget, a person had a daughter as their own a?. E said today a vacation with the company, but so are a number of other persons holding or using a different number of messages and then e previously not been a reply because he did not read that as a person another daughter? Hundreds of the question in e. E read the other person's message back that e as lifeless dreaming or really do not know anymore, e back to a message again to confirm the information because e e hope that a trick is the message that the other person khac.Nhung so they are still saying that on.Nguoi to a talk on his back, but they can not withstand. E call back to hear his voice heard by a girl: "alo" heart stopped e, e can not say what the sentence and always off. at the following e will talk to think of a story and asked him if it was a loved one, then from now I'll not bother to call back but no one nua.E heard the machine is tonight .... e I can not sleep, e do? e can not stand to be lost, forgotten e to come back a different person so quickly? or a, and they loved each other from before and f is the following ...

I want to think much more about a great but remember to e is even more sad, recalling his memories of their own e sit a laugh but then drops tears that fall out at any time or even e ko.

When talking on the phone a e always said went off. And once too, I'll always hang up before that was not understood because the reason that such a wish. Then when we have new e apart or that, when two people love each other talk to each other, who shut down the other side of the English tut, tut ... long will make them feel something that a feeling of uncertainty , loss, ... So you got a feeling of uncertainty so that for e do not know how many more times.

The day can not be e forget, on 29/04. e rest of the holiday home with parents. Because of a busy first meeting should not take the e train station was, said a longer wait for a just 30p, but I was ahead. E to the station just 10p more then ship to teach. E received a call from a, a, e asked where are you?, In e phone and hear a train whistle from the other radio,

E asks "Where is he that? ".

A said: "e are in the car in?" E

surprise: "I'm in court nine"

A run off into the station, although not that right, but not A to E are still on board though large vessels because it is holiday.

E train toward the door down but the radio station reported another 5p E departure back to court again 9. E carriages seen standing under running towards me A, E and unexpected happiness. A very fast.

E called "darling ...!" but A is still running like chasing ghosts on the bottom.

E calls "darling ..." A plug, but still running.

E get A phone call but make the machine to vibrate in your pocket, run do not know. E 3 A second call to hear the new machine,

E say e is in the carriage 9 which

A said a third was in court, a concept in prescription e 3

A re-run so counter 3.

E and A meet. A breathing .... (^_^)

E feeling of happiness and it was ... very happy.

A hug does not say E, oh ​​hug first.

also said 3p E train and then again, a on going in, so that e do not know what to say.

A said, "finished a meeting to go drink beer with you but you're sitting with a very sad and launch vehicles to get up here"

asked why a known E e in which to store this (because there are 2-door station HN)

A says a do not know.

... A hug and kiss E. E unexpected kiss, sweet - a first kiss for e. together with a little ashamed of group E because there is a management team standing in front of the train carriages proof 1-2 meters only. do not know what they will think of children. like every hour was close on board the ship to run without it but they said today they do not say anything.

"e on board here,"

A still holding hands running her hand E, two arms apart slowly, holding my hand E A pull back and give E bud kiss goodbye.

E walked upstairs feeling ... silent, not speak the nao.vua walked upstairs, to transfer the cake.

on the seats, E shows a guy sitting opposite said: "Oh, yes he does is say goodbye to his car is!"

E turned back that A is running under the train and waved goodbye. people sitting next a stir, a person only on the E said: "She loved it there, wish I was lik
e her mind"

E just happy he has found problems ... How is it, our first kiss I like it a ah!

A waiting like e, e shuttle in the rain, the rain is a celebration of the e and f, so when it rains the more memory a. 1 day to go out that e can not forget, just like yesterday: E and a duck to a bicycle pedal also e stood clinging to ancient black duck wind, f the foot into the water, but no e cham said "Convention What water up to the foot e "has a hand massage to the leg draw water e. .., e security at a later on because then suddenly the sky is not the rain that is, a cover strip out e, get his arms around your feet are exposed to pouring rain, but 11 of the e. .. e know that day you went to sleep the next day in school, so e sure to wear a rain, just behind the car e hear the impact of heavy rain, holding hands came after a rain flap to fly to ko ko rain stick in the e. ...

E to a memory, memory on our memories and retrieve e suddenly the phone, the phonebook, find the name of a. But what takes it?

Yes, I broke up!

By Luna

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