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Where the other half?

You want someone to share happy and sad desire in life? Still others who know, can not help feeling the same, but may experience will help you increase your chances of finding their other half.
1. Determine if your boyfriend likes any type

Listed in which standards will attract you to him, such as handsome, smart, ambitious, funny or know how to respect other people's feelings ...

2. Participate in various activities to increase the chance to get

Increase participation in activities that you love will help you increase your chance of finding the heart. Expand your world view and to add new friends. Do not practice a sport that just because your friends play the game or just stare at him there with the sole purpose is to find love. In short, do what you really love.

3. Cleverly introduced himself to him

There are many ways to help you attract men, such as an impressive outfit, a smile charming, gracious exit speech, ability to understand male psychology ...

4. Open and honest life

live Always open, sincere, not only for him but also for family and other friends. A true love must be built on the foundation of love, commitment, openness, trust and sincere.

5. Lucid in the process of understanding each other

Many at first dazzled us as self-love and love to paint more for these qualities that he really did not have. Calm distinguish what is love, what is blind ignorance. Make sure the feelings are real for him and showed him the signs.

Let's just say just listen. You should express your concern for him, but do not forget to express their preferences from which to explore the common ground between you and him.

6. Do not be too eager to "attack" he

Please ask friends with each other but do not be too hasty. Always be yourself and gradually building trust him. Or if you will not be too impatient as he may think that you're pressuring him.

7 . Reviews have to see him respond to their emotions or not

Be aware of how to treat him to know he has responded to your feelings or not. But you can not force someone like me, at least you will encourage your guy a chance.

8. Expressing his own way

Prove to him that you can be a great intimates how. Focus on the aspects of your outstanding, both appearance and soul and do not forget to express individuality.

9. Understand that human nature can hardly be changed

Do not rush to find love without seeing the nature of the person you love. Appearance or material possessions can be changed, but human nature hardly changes. Do not illusion you will change the character of the guy. Things will not happen and you only trying to deceive ourselves, sir.

10. Always confident

Be confident and do not be required to show their love. Your bravery will attract the boys there!

11. Shows you are only interested in him, not dating anyone else

He will secure better if you express your interest only relationship with him, not everyone other. If you are serious about your intentions, he would not know fun if you're playing catch with both hands.

12. Leaving aside the feelings of the past

not square the sad memories of past love. Let's show he was ready for a new relationship.


- Be alert to not abuse or physical sense.

- Do not do what you do not feel comfortable or make you anxious to leave as a result.

- Avoid looking for a lover thoughts inferior because they do not want your friends around. That he will not give you a good ending. In addition, he will feel offended when heavy exploring this.

- Observe the behaviors of people who love to those around you, friends, family him. Only some men fancy to the girl you're pursuing, but what a treat not to others.

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