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Where is it you are waiting for you

loss only when humans learned how appreciate what we are, three years ago I have lost the meaning of life itself and he helped me recover.

Now that I've lost him, and also self- asked the meaning of life itself is what? The answer is like 3 years ago: that your love for me! Many people love the security of life and death together, and I used to think so, he also knows that. I understand what he said to you and understand what he has to say.

- You are a brave strong girl! I believe you will live well!
-If you love me, make that because he lived. Meaningful life!
- Be the change he made his biggest dreams, go to the end of the path of life, made me dream of happiness and life. His biggest dream is to live them happy. Trust will have a tale Monday. I will always be here for you, ... I'll wait for you at the end of the road, but the end of the road.
- Promise me! I'll be happy!
- Love You Forever .. tut ... tut tut .... ...!
I do not remember being How long sat in silence, as if my heart stops beating, as the world collapses beneath you, you do things in the unconscious, I do not want to believe in truth, he had to leave you forever. I've never tried to believe what happened, do fun things but I dare not hear the phone because you are scared. Then you have heard, has to believe in a truth that he had forever left this world in the accident, in the day both he and I are very happy to be expected every moment together.

I've heard him say in her unconscious, strangled choking her grief as took my heart, I could not breathe and could not speak words, I can not cry. Children who have heart of stone not to him, everyone is crying, from relatives, close friends to all my new friends knew him, and you - the girl he loves, then fell back without a drop of rate and still smiling.

I do not understand why he is laughing but I know I wish you would smile, is not he? Love is all happiness and suffering, both sweet and bitter! We've been through all the offers that level, but now I understand what it means to the end of suffering and bitterness, it makes me numb it, it can kill a human heart people smile!

Do you know when you hear that phone call to say he screamed to hold back, so he does not leave you so that my throat choking, do not take up words. I know I also look forward to hearing your voice in that moment facing death so that she could not speak, could not speak even just one hour. He was always apologizing, and you are always rebellious exteriors never admit you wrong.

Love Throughout the first year that I never once said:''I love you ' ', and even when he knew that she was going to lose you still can not tell him:''I love you!''. He once said to me:''You're the most important of his,''she told him:''I do not believe.''

He said:''With his career nothing, he could give anything to be with you. Between his family and children, if forced to choose he would choose me, whether people think he disloyalty. I know he does not speak to flatter me, I understand people like him one day he nao.Se have to prove to you that: You are the most important person of you!''. And then he proved it, the show must pay with his life, in moments of facing life and death I still remember you, take care of you, I've used the last bit of strength to call for me instead of calling someone to help him, call him a girl to an ocean just to apologize, he reneged on promises and forever ...
Valentine as well as How else valentine I still alone, but this is my first valentine loneliness and emptiness that is how you do not hear his voice, receive his gifts. After many days you go the first time I cry, I was crying when he wrote this letter, a letter that he knew it could not be opened again, but I believe you are reading what I wrote, must does not he?

''I'm sorry!'', I was too selfish when he put the burden too great, for me you've lived too urgent, no time for yourself relax, ignore the moments of your friends and family to building a career, so you need not worry about life and our future to be on your side, so you can rely on him. I'll always own a television, I always felt unworthy of him so he always pushed me away while he tries to be close to you. Up to now I always wondered, why did you choose me?

- A girl defects since the body was born, a girl who has nothing better giang. He was a perfect son, strong and assertive, a model who dreams of so many girls that Kant is a best world. He gave up all work, leaving the contract to decide his fate to the side. When my surgery fail, you must pay with his legs, he may never walk again, I'll also resolved to say goodbye to him. But then I did not do it, I can not get out of his arms. I was crying, he told me stupid, even if I go out I still love you, you are irreplaceable.

I told you not to sacrifice so stupid, because for Whether you leave me then he can not love someone, you are my first love and my only. He did not want to give them to someone else, he told me love is selfish, I want you to be selfish in love, do not leave me, do not push him away from me. I totally deserve his woman, in his eyes I'll always be an angel. Even if you can not walk again, he will never leave you, I will be your feet, will take care of you throughout life. Do you know me really happy to hear how he says it does not, I just want the moments that last forever.

When he said:''I remain child care , do not go anymore,''she'd nodded but then I pushed him away, again I pushed him away, push him on his world-a world that I do not think I can step into .

Back still the old reasons, he said coldly:''I want you to go build a solid career, do not treat children like that, I'll be fine.'' I'm so down and understand how heartbreaking, but his silence because he too understands you, you will not easily change the decision. I know not because he was indecisive, but I leave that because I know you will have to act without thinking just to force him to move. So I went, but he did not leave me.

I know for 3 years now, since I had to sit on his wheelchair that he has always secretly help you, I still always followed every step in my life. I know you have high self-esteem, whether he is your boyfriend, then I will never accept any help of you, I always think that everything should be clear, especially economically, so he never tell you. But I also am not a stupid little girl any day, you already know and do not want to make me sad.

Because I never publicized relationship between the two of us, my family is still receiving help from him but did not know, only you are to feel it but can not say it because in the world of his family did not exist. No one knew she had a boyfriend for a long time. In the eyes of the people you're a good child and never knew what love is, always listen to adults.

Many laughed at him and said:''He was like a spy, love you always have to guerrilla activities, she was never his for him to step into new world gender of the children here? .''Now I see his funny, when I send a gift each time I have I have said:''He kept for me, then I'll get back.''

UK smile:''My daughter is hard to understand, and then, ever so hard nay'' ?''.'' After-hours later, then make no further! Looking back room, I did not have
hold of him a gift, not something to remind him outside the ring he gave me and I can not wear it. It is a testament to the love of the two of us, as saying:''I agreed to go with him to end his life.''

The ring is still here, I'm still here and So he waited no longer, he may want to know you are not falling apart, you're not strong, not brave, I know that. He had prepared everything to pick you on my side, ready to confront every storm can happen in his family to take her into my world, to our world of air as a two. He said he just waited a saying of me, just me and I'll agree to. I did not say silent, I was really convinced me but bigotry, self-esteem in children is not for you to say:''I agree''.

The idea this time I'll continue to wait because we were very young, but he has firmly:''I will not make concessions to keep them anymore, can you pm me the way in everything but this is not, he will ask allow me to take her family will di.Anh publicly our relationship, I can not wait for more!''. And though not to agree but I was in accord with him, we had planned so much for the future, thinking about the difficulties that both will face later on, I thought the happiness will smile with me from here, you will not be alone on the road of life again, I never thought that someday you will not have to do even before they were once thought to leave him.

Life has learned the word''no doubt''should not he? Where do you expect me to pick you up on that day he was gone forever. I do not believe there is a story of the second of this life, you put me on a legendary world and then leave me but leave that world. He has brought hope into the lives of children and then hope it went out again as soon as it has enlightened my soul. Do you know when I was losing my way I would not know where to start, how to step on this long road?

Waiting is a terrible thing, but no What to wait for more terrible. Someone you love has died is not easy, but life for someone you love is harder still nhieu.Em habit can not wait for his phone call every night, breathing over me like a rush every time the phone Then when you open the machine to shake a feeling so down again rushing back, do you refuse to press.

Refusal by I know that's not me, because you have to come back to reality , return to the truth you will never hear his voice, which is nestled into his chest sleep anymore. I missed those memories of the two of us, since we were kids, I always told him too high, she looked so he invited her.

He laughed and carried me placed higher than his seat, he said:''Now that you looked up to me then that!''. He said:''If you do not want to step into the world of him, then he will step into the world of you, from now he will not let you look up to him that he would stoop to look at me!''

I always defended you, I never wanted any of them suffered injuries, yet there were times I purposely did not understand him. Love each other but the time to be together without a lot of us, the meeting was only counted on the fingers. You know you desire to be with him, only to be watching him, was wiping the sweat as he worked for, but do you contradict yourself. I have chosen a life of luxury he could think of our feelings fade, so I can forget you and start another life, so he can love a girl-perfect than you, he can take care throughout life. But the farther you, I love you more and even more suffering, he too!

The distance does not erase the feelings that we do love us more deeply identity. He said:''Being in the one you love is happy, he knew the wife caring for a paralyzed person is not easy but I want to do it, because it is the ones you love. H''Well, I'm sorry because you always make me sad, makes me think more when he has a lot of pressure, you must not fool him? Should I should cherish the short period we were together rather argue with him about life after this, the two of us who belong to different caste. But time will not come back, maybe mom was right when he said: We should not have a start! Although you will not regret it when we started, I do not regret loving you, and he has written up a novel of love that it ended so sad! I will not novel that ends with a tragedy, because you know I want you to that novel to a new step, and did not want it unfinished.

Location link End is also home to start my life from now on will become more difficult, but I will not lie where he fell. I will not betray his message. She was a powerful girl! You will learn to walk alone, I live in his sheltered for so long and now I need to face the waves of life. I believe that around here, I will always be here watching over me, and wanted to see your smile should not he? I'll only stop crying today, just cry this time only. I will always smile. Not know whether tomorrow will bring, you will not know how to go. But you will live meaningful lives because of his love for you. And I want to tell you that:''I will not write fairy tales Monday, I just write the fairy tales of children with a person, a person will live in my heart, that he is!''. But I will be happy, and go to the end of the path of this life, because I loved him and by the end of the path he is waiting for you, is not he?

Keep smiling, love love of children, they will instead make his unfinished dream, make our ambitions. Be there, in that place waiting for you pictures! You will come to you when you've done what I want you to promise. We will always smiling and walking together on the way there, though unable to see each other, but we will be looking together in one direction.

In there, he is waiting for you right?

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