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Where is his real people?

front of you, he is a gentleman, but behind your back, he's a completely different person.
You think because he becomes another man in front of you friends? It's not seriously hurt!

You know the story of the elegant man in the images during the day suddenly become bloodthirsty vampires at night? The change in his character was not dramatic enough to do so but also takes you to eat, sleep.

Just a small change in the behavior of people who love you girls felt anxious and insecure. Then came the long nights agonizing over the question: "What is the real man of him?".

When he becomes another person

Until Now, you are very proud of neat appearance, the subject of love. After some time, he became reckless and sleazy. Upon discovery of his nature is like that, you feel shocked and down.

Another situation, in front of you, he is calm, thoughtful. Incidentally, you saw him entertain the crowd with stories you make your entire face nine shy. Why is there such a thing happen?

The cause of the change

Some men feel lucky to be beside themselves when the love. They argue that behave differently in front of you girls are the work lies.

But not everyone is so confident. Some boys expressed more mature and take to convince the object of sympathy, especially in the new acquaintance, the pressure of making big impression. The boys tend to exaggerate the advantages, lowered or ignore its weaknesses.

Only among friends and close colleagues or family, guy This newly revealed his true nature.

It will be your girlfriend discovered the truth after a long time to know each other. Most girls will surprise, awe before "the second way" of love. If that's the case, please understand that it is not a change in the person he was. That action was in fact return to the real person you love.

In addition, the change in men may be due to the impact of circumstances or preferences. If I forget to take his presence for your eyes on the TV there would not be anything ominous. This is so you do not know if he is faithful round ball, let alone have direct TV finals football world.

Do not get too upset when he became impulsive or behave strangely. Maybe because he was excited after a few glasses of beer, organic wine with his friends, sir.

Please understand and stand by him

Women always live in torment about their looks, but you know women are still easy to find satisfaction with themselves than men?

The Adam always be expected to match the face "man ". Career, fame, personality and even their physical appearance also has to be dissected. Clearly the pressures they face are very large, much larger than women.

Even superheroes exist ego Monday uneasy. So you should never expect your partner to be perfect. What you should do is go on the side and help him overcome and promote the good, not good points limited.

You never proved impatient, give him time time to change slowly. Remember that no one can change a person if that person himself does not want to try to amend. Just let him see into your mind, he will automatically draw experience and try to improve ourselves.

Finally, do not forget to give him a private space, but you can map out a limit. Thus, you can still intervene in time to when he was too far.

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