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Where's comment balloons?

Those not lucky, they are like strings stretch away, but if we accidentally into action that will echo from the sounds store.
Conversely, if mild, and delicate, lively melodies, intensity seemed unlikely to be very shy back vent. "

 A Country of VAST Designs: James K. Polk, the Mexican War and the Conquest of the American Continent
- you name?

- Yes, uncle, grandson named Tran Van Lac.

- This year you How old? What grade?

- Yes uncle, I was eight. I'm in second grade.

Lac baby Just answer me singing their balloons seeds by two arm tip. It seems very active and alert.

- Note Oh, the other is what? - It's only just looked up the ceiling and box fans (can also be machine cold) on his head.

- The fans. To my fans to cool it.

- And the other? - Eye Contact toward a red curtains covering front exit door .

- Yeah, curtains.

- Curtains door must not pay?

- Yes.

Lac suddenly stopped and watched me hit balls at a time. "Maybe he was about to ask what his name or re-discovered something strange to ask this," I thought.

- Notes Oh, but where the ball's flight?

"Balloons Where's uncle?" How children respond, saying that he did not have the ball because he did not have a disability U? get black eyes , alert as the Lac paste into my eyes. The truth is hard to squeeze very this place for many reasons, I had lying:

- too big to attach to the Organizing Committee (*) no ball.

And to reinforce its confidence as well as misleading, I pointed to the adults around: "Look, those people also like to note where the ball, I see not? "

- have seen!

Then he was more interested to return to toss his game. I whispered breath, young children often ask - this I know. But this difficult question I have not been well prepared.


- Excuse me for asking the 25 seats in Where? - A young man crippled in the legs suddenly appeared and asked me.

After a quick look down, I find the number of seats as you want, right in front of me and next to her chair Lac.

- Here you.

- Thank you very much!

young man on crutches limping back toward their seats , and balloons are set on a tree hold sway to the rhythm of his movement. She resigned Lac toss from his appearance, it looked at new friends. When the young man had stayed, quietly took Lac ball had touched the ball and he smiled. And they laughed, then talk to each other.

It seems that people with disabilities are more likely to make new acquaintances and find empathy with each other than ordinary people. For those who heal, such as I, after having enough to remain on your own. Hook phone call each other out or í or nhoay nhoay ới message notify each seat, if you go a pair of the guy and she would twist together broth, pointing to each other or something decorated stage or auditorium setting; a family with small children will concentrate wealth "angels" to most. If there is to attention to the next because they are only curious dress or the look of them, or are looking for someone familiar etc.

- Note darling, but where the ball's flight? - Lac suddenly turned down repeated the original question.

Gay here, but employees must be pierced by TB:

- too big to attach, how to play the bubble.

- but he is also big. How could he have balls?

- Well ... - I do not know how to answer before the situation changes dramatically this.

- Note this much damage. No one who damaged the ball out! - She is my friend who had silent observer of capital, do face serious blame me.

- He was not spoiled her? - Lac looked at us intently.

- Really! He is very lazy and or truancy.

- So she also damaged always, because she found she could not have the ball.

"Yeah, yeah ..." so we laugh ... Then, except as to prevent us from falling into the pumpkin boy again: "You know, because she was not disabled!"

dark eyes that still look innocent when we speak the truth clearly two years this October. And look into it, though am not very hall, we still see a mirror image of the ball was coming, filling the room - so down the walk, the hand, irrespective to sharks, small thin , white, black or yellow continuous chat together.

Only a few minutes only, Taiko drum opening, performed by deaf artists of cherry country, will take strong, passionate and rhythmic beats both in the capital of a normal quiet ...

(*) The program organized "Bridge of Compassion", to raise funds for the organization sponsored disability organizations, took place on 3 - 12 - 2006 at the Opera House.

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