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When you are the boss of many men

This often happens, by the peculiar characteristics of the company generally more men than women. According to research, women are the boss at enterprise companies, agencies and many men will face obstacles are not trivial. Not only because capital is still heavily male male-supremacy mentality ideas, not imbued with gender equity laws, so it's not like they work under a female boss. But the basics are not there female boss lessons learned in psychology to "win" the male staff.
So, you can study and learn approaches to male gender as the most effective foreign psychologist below.

Men like the desk job, your boss should go straight to the point

Men have to agree with many things broken on the outside, but when on the job, they enjoyed the specific wording, in short, went straight to work content should discuss or make decisions, about clearly arranged schedule. If you do so, male staff will be coming to our shores under you. Their initial impression of you will be pretty good. Since you have revealed the specific style of work and science.

Do not upset when men do not easily accept the job right for you
By the psychology of man is very careful in thinking and action. When not imagine the work assigned to you how, the result will turn out, is consistent with the possibility of him not, he does not want just delighted with you. If you lack of understanding of the psychology of men assigned to work with you to rush to claim a specific answer, like: "This is he doing okay? How much time do I need? When will be completed? "Is very uncomfortable and they will assess you as reckless and lack of understanding of the job.

As a boss, you have always proved tough?

If you try to be strong and tough in front of male staff, they will not love you and you do not like intimacy. Because in their eyes, you lack the feminine, that men prefer women only rich feminine. If your boss still reveal her femininity: soft, gentle, altruistic rich, beautiful and charming, both a bit more frail, the male employees would be sacrificing themselves for the work you Affairs. Do not be afraid to do so will lose "reputation" before your employees, in contrast, they will love and respect you.

Conservation powerful image of male employees

Men are afraid other people know too much about their private lives, about the difficulties or problems in their families, as do not want to be the focal point of understanding, sharing, helping. Therefore, you should not be studied to private conversations, the family of a male employee before the company, before a crowd. Even when families have problems, they themselves have problems, you want to help them care to know how well.

Do foolish things of their publicity and advocacy work corporations, departments, individuals and help them; Or yourself informed about your entire company has decided to support their families like. Men are afraid of becoming poor, weak, pity in the eyes of everyone. You need to remember that there are measures and assistance, sharing with them while preserving the powerful image of them.

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