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When he loved you through the old ghosts

He pursues you, you take care of each li by little makes you feel happy. But one day, you accidentally discovered he loved you because you more or less like the guy's former lover. Your suffering and wondering how to erase the old ghosts from his mind ...
You can try to apply these steps to have the opportunity to identify the relationship of two people, he loved to see you for who your real love or just love you through the old ghosts.

1. Note the praise of men

He always looks compliments of a stylized "My hair grows like hair S. old days "or" I just like the columns S. Hair. " That is a sign that seemed to just love you guys through your outward appearance (more accurately, he's young!) Only.

2. Learn more about the old guy's

You need to find out about the guy's ex-lover closer. If you do not have the opportunity to meet, you should also cleverly managed so that there is a picture to know how he looks.

The time to talk to him or the guy's friends, please listen discreet guy or friend to remind him or not. You can also confided this to his friends if people are really close to you and also know about the guy. If this friend also made similar comments, the correct answer is not okay.

3. Reassessing the relationship between man and you

After confirming true that he likes you just because of appearance, re-evaluate your level of love between two people . Do you want to continue to love a guy like that?

If Everything is no longer beside him, you will return to the scene alone a ball like the old days, but that was not really too bad because you will have the opportunity to find yourself a better person, someone who will love you for the real you. Be confident that he's also great is not inferior to none.

4. Cause he loves you for who your real

Please make effort to love him for who you really incredible. Spend time with him to exchange more. However, the discussion over the phone so you do not have to face the situation when he crossed ngoe like loving you, but you want to take advantage of longer talk time to have the opportunity to understand the feelings of the heart him.

5. Shared with him about the wishes and aspirations of you

Tell dreams and ambitions for your guy that you different from one another although there surface something of the same.

6. Do people really change your

You can change your appearance looks a bit if that person makes you uncomfortable. However, even little bit of change, such as hairstyle or hair color change, you must make sure that I've made the right decision. After all, before changing you need to think he is worthy to see you change yourself so do not.

7. Speak directly with him your feelings

Please suppressed frustration and avoid excessive questioning him. Mainly for men concerned about this sensitive issue only. You can request a temporary time apart to see if he would really miss you instead of your outward appearance or not.

A few things you need are hearts

- Do not talk because he does not seem to really love your man but that his pessimism is not pretty good or not.

- Do not be too painful pain when he realized the truth hurts and it did not improve the situation even tried. Be brave man to leave him because who knows true love of your life are still waiting for you in the front.

- Do not because someone lost myself.

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