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When he is not to please your parents

You love him but his parents feel less satisfied about the guy? You are afraid to introduce him to the family for fear their parents will be "locked out" guy?
Why do not you try to follow some advice, smooth results will surprise there!

1. Notice to parents and lovers that both parties may have some different opinions. True, but do not outright make them feel offended.

2. When talking with parents about him, do not forget to emphasize the points you like to listen to parents, such as respect and cherish him how you, you both have similar life goals and he makes you happy all day How ...

3. When talking with him about his parents, a similar emphasis on the common points of both sides instead of referring to something different. You may remember that he also fears the inevitable launch your parents like when you launch a parent nervous guy.

Men often did not express the fear out, but like the creators of other men, he also wanted to make a good impression with parents who loved her. If he is serious about your intentions, he would understand that parents play an important role in your life and he will try to treat her so that he pleased.

4 . Sitting private conversation with his parents before he led the launch. Tell your parents that you love him and how happy they were together man, and you really wanted was introduced with parents who loved the stars. Parents do not love their children back and expect their children to be happy, your parents will be softened after all.

5. Player then with him that you love him so much and look forward to the opportunity to lead him to launch parents like. This is a good opportunity for him to know more about the family who love him. If love you and for you to be happy, he will please your way.

6. Make arrangements for the two sides first met in a public place for people to treat each other better. People can stroll along the park or have dinner together (do not drink too much alcohol nhé!). First meet should not lead him on his parents' house because she could feel their homes are being violated, and vice versa, your guy will feel fear, loss of nature.

7. Ask why your parents do not like him and he tried to convince her to trust him. Are you a sense of his friends published the guy's not safe for you? Grandparents feel the difference in culture, religion or national regulations would make her baby daughter to change, as opposed to family? Maybe your parents do is righteous cause.

8. If he or radical opinions and often controversial to the end, just quietly remind him carefully when talking with your parents.


- Do not completely ignore the objection of her parents. Parents always think of children as children first and department you should not ignore the advice of the father of. Moreover when asked, we often "blurred vision" and lack of alertness.

- Maybe the first debut is not perfect as you expect. Your parents need more time to dispel these negative thoughts about him and he also needs time to be closer to grandparents. Keep in mind that all three are very loving friends. Be patient and calm if the occurrence of unwanted situations. If you do so, your parents will trust in your decisions because you feel more mature.

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