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When asked what he thought?

When starting a love relationship, men often have their own questions to the decision to continue or stop that love. So the questions like?

The first date

- On how her bed pediatric ?

If you hurry to go to "the z" whether there is too soon?

- But ... I will do it?

- will she think funny is not it?

- She has a regular makeup too dark?

- quiet period in the first chat sessions can the confusion, embarrassment or a sign that she has nothing to say.

- Will repeat it for valuable time and money or not ?

Before a more serious attitude to love

- Am I willing to give concern to the girls others because she?

- I will feel proud to introduce her to friends right?

- You'll like her friends?

- She has limited relationships my friends?

- if I'm having fun traveling with her long?

- I would think the habit of her random ones really disabled?

- There was a time when I suddenly thought of marrying her?

before marriage

- I like how everything is happening so if the marriage has upset what?

- She have stressed that while preparing the plan to marry?

- Does her mother really like her?

- I can to get along with family her family throughout the rest of his life and whether she can so with your family?

- She will be a good mother?

- Currently, she went to work and income, but you have to earn enough money to cover all expenses if her family found it necessary?

- I will still be able to take the time to separate yourself?

- Do what you can expect at her in a crisis?

- After kissed, happy if I could never be "pho"?

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