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What to do with her husband's jealous behavior?

jealous as my husband insane. I was not allowed to talk to a man if he does not go along. If a guy looks at me, mad as he could back the loose girl so I am ...
... I have so many friends and enjoys playing outside, but he is a male form of "kitchen corner". If I had pulled her husband went along, he made it appear reluctant and not very friendly to everyone. My life together like that going to jail. Does he have a problem in social psychology?

See answers from Cosmopolitan:

The behavior of your husband be due to two causes. First, he has lost faith (who knows has been "growing horns"). Second, he wants to control his wife. There are many levels of our jealousy and possession, but maybe your husband fall in level "red".

You need to find any evidence to show that real clear love proving myself not promiscuous. Relationship is also capable of compromise in sight when you try.

- If you were flirting, you should be more intimate with hubby (to ignore the words surrounding courtship) , sat, taunting him arm in arm or social ... He will not have a chance that you are jealous or blame.

- If he does not go along, you should pay more attention to dress and where to meet friends (most are you the opposite sex). If not, your husband would suspect: "Do not know who she is ready to bed with that guy?". Notice of time, purpose, members of the meeting to your husband somewhat reassuring.

For him some time to understand more about who you are. If this character is increasingly out of control, you can find other means to liberate themselves.

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