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What to do when seeing the old boyfriend?

Whatever time the two have split a long moment, but also see the old love makes you weak. The experiences of the girls when they pass the pain and disturbed heart was synthesized Glamour.

wearing a sexy and seductive
"I have not seen more than a year old lover. When you discover that both were invited to the wedding of my friends decided to do it yourself hot. So, I run out to buy a black miniskirt and really feel attractive. Looking surprised, shocked him, it is worth the money I spent half a month's salary when to ship the wings, "said Kelsey, 29, said.

Recall old
"Parting is to end things, just past memories so you do not wake them up to do. Do not ever look into the past to work through the pain was more tormented . Be cheerful, appeared before him with satisfaction and smiles after a few funny stories. Certainly, the way the show, he will have to regret losing you, "Lauren, 25 years old sharing.

Always confident
"Wind-Up for your confidence before appearing in front of him. Ministry languish, so withered aside. Think of the great things you will have when he does next. Should prove to him that you are having a wonderful life and rekindle the spirit ", Cristy, 20, confided.

Remind yourself why you remember the suffering
"The old that is not hanging about." Just see the passionate eyes and sweet voice of the guy, forget all your heart melt and painful. Should restrain ourselves to be aware of the story line cause someone to go. You do not want to push myself into the depths of the night crying or wet pillow, huh? So do not fall into the trap of love ", Kristen, 21, expressing.

Should not be talking soon with a new guy
" With broken heart you need someone to comfort and sadness filled. But that does not mean you just pair it with a guy in retaliation for him. you know best themselves what they need: love or fun joke ", Elyse, 25, suggested.

Do not forget the guy's bad habits
" Back in those actions make you uncomfortable. Only when you do so serene smile and a new reason to live alone ", Ranya, 27, recalled.

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