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What to do in the first appointment?

just really glad to see "half" of his business partner or a potential on the Internet. Two people seem to get along but the problem is not only met online, you also want to warm up this relationship in a meeting. So how have appointments and appointments that do to place a particularly smooth one are you the daughter?
Here are a few secrets to get your desired appointment.

1. As you may know who is the subject
You only have 3 hours talking to audiences across the Internet and communicate through dozens of e-mails but that does not mean you to know both in person. You really do not know how her face, voice, acting like ... although there are times he has expressed himself to talk to you. If he proposed a date before then that means he has everything better equip you for the meeting.

Principles of appointments to meet this object is never impatient if things do not seem to be good, please show respect and try to hide the unpleasant feeling that one is tricky. If the target phone number that you think is still too early, please tell him that you want to wait a while longer, be polite to explain that you do not want to burn stage. Most men are not shy about dating a woman even though only acquainted online first, so they are willing to cut back on the "procedures" for how to warm up relations quickly Best. According to Trish McDermott, the psychologist: "Let him know what your hesitation is not from him but because you want that." If you do not want to meet the object, and should not be forced to see and then leave to severe psychological pressure.
Do not be impatient if things do not seem to be good
2. Appointment with the first phone call
Although it has never met but if you guess the object will call you then you should be prepared to do so over the phone conversation was most comfortable. Adjust your story in a way to understand each other better and to make the mind can make a leap of relationships in the next stage. It is best to make you feel like talking and regarded it as phone calls phone calls everyday.
If you are an active contact with the object should be "pampered" myself a little before his call to create confidence. You can shower with a milk bath "genuine" or try to talk in the mirror and then looked at myself to create the shape that is very attractive. Please choose the clothes make you feel comfortable, confident and sexy. Whether this was a date not see your object, but a romantic space that will help you feel comfortable and "excitement" than in a conversation.

3 . Create a safe
Always arrange the first date in a public place is safe, reasonable time is afternoon or 7, 8 pm. A familiar restaurant that you frequent or a casual cafe is a great location but do not ever date at midnight. Trish psychologist advises: "Do not ever make an appointment first object in your home or at work. Avoid long walks by bicycle or motorbike to areas less isolated people through again. " If you decide to date in a remote location with a familiar spot, then you must make sure that where you have an acquaintance, it is better to go by their own means. Make sure you end the date while it is still a lot of people there.
These precautions will help you avoid anxiety. If two people live in the same city, you can arrange an appointment in the living room of the hotel is polite enough, but never reveal your real name in the hotel and never allow objects arrange a date there. Be proactive, can rent a car or driving directly to the hotel because in the case of the talk is too boring or something unforeseen happens, you can .. getting away
A popular restaurant that you frequent or a casual cafe is a great location but do not ever date at midnight.

4. Do not put too much pressure
Plan your first date set for too long that the probability of success is not high. The psychologist recommended "not to put too many plans for the perfect first date." You and your audience can also walk a long walk on the road during the period from 1 to 2 hours or playing in the grass, but do not walk like that when the sun had set.
Should know to keep a distance and the distance the body of the story. Smart people will never questioned during their first date, let it be seen as an opportunity to learn more. If you have questions about anything, just "keep it in your head" because the boys are also described in the email everything is easier than speaking directly.
The debate really is not necessary can even cause disaster. From discreet and intelligent you are "equipped" for the power to captivate your audience. Story line takes place not suddenly "calm" because he refused to answer some of your questions or of his behavior makes you feel uncomfortable, you should pull themselves out of that situation.

5. Make a good impression
should be cautious but it is natural to create a strong impression in the first appointment is the most important. After all that the meeting took place, he might think of you as a "Miss indecent" if you leave a good impression. You noticed he had a rude gesture then prove that you are a smart girl and dexterity. The difficult thing is you have to choose how to resolve not to let him feel offended. Obviously no one wants to see objects with his mind hostile. You give the best words to impress a natural and confided themselves.

Try to make the humor to the story and always remember that smile. Both you and your enemy will understand and feel better when everything is the fun time. The woman who most impressed by a warm bass voice, humor, imagination rich, effusive sincerity. Body language said it all so please keep a posture, while polite conversation.
The psychologist asserted that the first date is always left the deepest impression, All original images are stored in "inventory" of the brain and in the wound. Therefore need to prepare carefully for the development of the newly created relationship, ensuring safety.

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