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What she said he should not believe

When women say you should be yourself, then you should not believe completely. Themselves will not go to bars with no makeup, no perfume. Women always try to expose the best and they also expect this to men.

Listen to the advice of women about dating and relationships possible benefits. Together, the women never understand each other well and can be displayed next to your dating success.

However, most women say only half the truth when you with advice on dating. That does not mean she wants to sabotage your work, which is simply what women want and what they say when they want without some overlap.

Here are a few tips that you should not hear from women:

- "Be yourself"

For some women, this is not entirely a lie. Many of her adult self and want to know the real guy behind dating ploy.

But no one can really be autonomous when they first meet someone you like. If not, when dating women will no makeup, no perfume. Women are always trying to expose what's best when they go out, and they also expect this from men. Daughter always wanted to understand people's real guys, but only in certain limits.

- "We just love the guy chic"

In essence, this is true. No she does want to get acquainted with a rude guy. But not only that. There have been studies suggest that the concept of a woman on a man usually does not match the ideal type of people she choose in real life.

Women always think they like the guy chic. But they were attracted by the young and arrogant little secret, at least at first sight. She will show you a lot more attractive if you do not approach her with the look of a prince charming, but a man with confidence and humor.

- "I want you to have your female"

This is advice you should not listen. Women will not admit this until they die but the fact they dislike the closest female friend of his with him. Daughter always wanted to be the only woman in your life that you need, except your mother.

The idea that you can confide the story of two people with another girl well enough to make her angry. This does not mean you have a female friend, but you must be careful.

Please keep female friends outside the boundaries of your relationship. But if they appear in your conversation with her, you remember not to use adjectives such as "ugly", "troublesome", "married."

- "I do not care about Valentine's Day or anniversaries"

Deep within you, you know that this is a lie. However, for a reason, hearing this from a woman's mouth is so unexpected and it makes you believe it.

's no link between what she says and what she wanted. The fact that she enjoyed a vacation was thoroughly prepared and romantic. She was hoping and hoping that you realize that somehow.

Please buy a history book. And although she thinks this is silly, but you will score more points ahead of her if not forget the special event.

When women give advice on dating, they try to help you best. The only problem is that sometimes their minds was also embarrassed when they are near you. But you should never give up hope when seeking help from them, but be careful.

Women can not fully make sure you are winning the war on a date with her advice, but at least they can give you a better understanding of the subject.

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