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What men want in women?

Look man What women want, for us to constantly improve, learning, improving yourselves!

First the woman of their dream to be a smart person. Women a little bit silly sometimes cute but to get a true love story, the girl must know to communicate and get at least to the judgment shown independence of thought of them.

What more glamorous image of a girl smiling? Speaking frankly, the irritable and harsh in the way only ruin lives and that there was no fun at all. When a funny girl, smiling and making others smile said, it is invaluable.

The gentle

The girls are forced to gently, gently. The women too aggressive and masculine can not create the charm with the opposite sex. Major parties must demonstrate the elegance and sophistication in each of his actions.


Men like women with a personal life, with friends, activities and passions of their own. Men do not need a dog by attaching them as shown with the ball, nor should a girl you are too well behaved at home waiting for them.

But her independence very impressed with the man and to love, sex and men need respect. Is proud to be the right arm of a girl, that ego stroked the man's masculinity.

Sexy but not trivial

Clothing does not make a monk, but it also shows some traits of a person. Men like girls feminine and sexy, but they also do not like the trivial, vulgar. This means that an open-neck shirt is a subtle display of the entire body: need to keep a few surprises and secrets.

One thing you should note another is to avoid talking too happy living in the event of starting a relationship or in crowded places. Best to express yourself as a woman and attractive value than a trivial and annoying.


A man looks calm and peace in their mind, they need the comfort women and praising them with an admiration which was the most handsome, intelligent best, most powerful, short, "all" is best.

They love to lick women fondle in front of people or when only two people together, men want to look see your eyes sparkle when they look.

The hot sex

love of man parallels with sex, it is not possible separately. If the heat and ecstasy of the body did not meet, he will quickly turn to other reclining.

and caring share

best to prove your love by caring gesture is small though.

No need to become his service, you can satisfy your man in action as simple as he prepared for his shirts to wear the next morning when he tired to prepare a small meals, laundry is to get the clothes veste if he did not have time ... you can also leave a good message that he loves (veste pocket, on the bathroom mirror .. .) brief gestures of interest effectively makes his heart was always burning for love.

bad attitude /

Men do not like the lies, the evil, bad words and so women should avoid the attitude. You do not need to pour out their hatred on the other. Be a woman should know kindly but determined to prove his.


Women are always complaining, moaning for a little miffed, because of this cry no, not so when expressed satisfaction. And of course these women would be very difficult to keep a man inside her because she will not want to live with someone who always has a negative attitude.

So, the sisters , learn how to live well, smile, enjoy upbeat happiness beside the man of my life.

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