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What makes my heart fluttered son

actions innocent daughter's son makes my heart tremble. Need not fussy, very simple .. .

- As the troubled daughter whiz right on blowing right arm scratches on her son. And even when she puts her hand bandaged it up cool too. Although it is not the nurse piles and sometimes do hurt us, but I just need the caring of her daughter alone was enough to heal all wounds and his son.

- when my daughter is watching her tense practice knitting with two sticks and then struggled to sit up enough color to complete the scarf for her son before a particular date. This daughter, roll up and complement the towel and made the error that headache again? The boys did not know that it was cherished, than numerous other beautiful scarves (because it is made from the hand of him that).

- As if carrying the dead girl cut cut customs run chase and catch a bus grin laugh with your driver to earn a place in the car and go to school on time. My daughter, the truth behind her parked jog. If my son would not have us "cut customs" Where will "quick jump" there. His daughter was weak and soft and good at flattery.

- As the girls roll up your sleeves and took the rope and enthusiastic tug of war contest with the next layer. The son did for us I see that he is strong and how much carefree. Us I was really grateful for the sacrifice "is not afraid of evil, suffering not afraid" of him there. More wonderful, and he had to fight for their collective class. Although later, was wet because of sweat, hair Confused and panting so hard. Really impressed!

- As the girls themselves laughing mouth full of trash lem tongue licking ice cream and a very enthusiastic environment. The shaking was so reasonable and innocent. It is true that God take her daughter to eat, even not at all considerate. I love it but we childishly cute moments of us did. It reminds us of the new big heart I have more time ... standing dead!

- As enthusiastic as her daughter played with us kids, and us it to play dolls, hide and seek, even a stone bridge, stone ball ... The was also very clever and talented giang (not so clever when you have to play with kids for hours. Just in the us it is only the first few minutes I had wanted to blow us out then.) And this, after he is sure to be the mother and the love you make is jog.

- As a child when she bathed him Milu house and also hair dryer to it again. Daughter really loves animals, will certainly have an immense love for people (at least with us my son). Kindness and concern for his daughter to the little animal heart makes us pity me "drum" continuously.

us my brother, my heart fluttered always been simple, but at what "made in her daughter." It is hard to charm irresistible. Daughter ah, just real life offline innocent and naive. The corn crafts, stupid stupid extreme "love" of him always made "frequency" my heartbeat increased exponentially!

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