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What do men want to marry?

Men often express less dissatisfaction with family life until unbearable and divorce proposals. To avoid a shock when it fell into, the husband and wife should understand what they want.

When her husband proposed to split, multiple wives shocked. They think their husbands are not completely satisfied, but never expected to end this. Sometimes he can not answer clearly why the divorce request, saying only that can not continue with your life.

Therefore, even in the days of sweet, you need to understand what the husbands want to sign the marriage, namely:

rated contribution for the family
You do not assume that the contribution was, of course, by the husband to have such obligations. The gentleman said that they often do not tell the wife but want to see the value and contribution he felt good about that.
Everyone likes to be praised and man is no exception. When the wives reveal the attitude of respect for what he does, make sure your marriage will be fine.

Always see her smiling and happy
Men want their wives to be perfect happiness, want you to understand and share jokes as well as his stories. This does not mean you have to pretend everything is good to laugh. You need to keep a sense of humor despite the sadness in life, should be able to close the negative emotions, the most anxious time when both have fun time together.

wife is so much attention
The husband wanted to feel clearly the interest of his wife and their joy to themselves with a level deeper. He wants you to spend more time, health care, the joy and happiness of him, especially as they age.

When declining interest to accrue to the husband to care for children, their wives rarely think hubby will be hurt by lack of attention and love. They do not want for their children that the wife forgot to gradually walking beside her husband.

Having private time with his wife
This is not just a sexual problem, which is about two people need time to relax or work together. For example, you and him to the movies or a quiet meal, warm in a certain restaurant, or just plain fun with your friends without kids obstruct, disrupt.
When a marriage has gone through many years, the cultivation of the romance is necessary spices. Do not let your marriage become rigid on obligations and responsibilities. Men and pressure will be depressed about it.

Having sex life satisfaction in mind
With no sex harmony , the marriage will lack an important factor for lasting happiness. The injury-prone for the other person if this person did not seem pleased about sex.
Many wives do not think that sex accounted for a high position in the list of priorities of the husband. Remember that sexual satisfaction will create good feelings, happy with her marriage and feel the intimate connection with his wife, eliminate stress.

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