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WH branch of mine

hometown river - the river waiting

da sad heart to kill me river

moonless night sky, no stars

lights alone, the other side as translucent as shown

teaching bamboo shadow in the water ashore

alone with our grief alone

The place where you're at this place

vows we drop into the river

river water we throw into the sky

heaven Heaven do not get released into the clouds

clouds hovering clouds back into the wind

What think? cross wind on our back?

The cool man, when the wind blows hiu hiu

do I say wind? or drunk sex?

I wanted to vow to riders!

Go to the happy sky

Star Song, Sun, Clouds, Wind did not do it?

pushed it back to us

Or do not want main prize oath?

Because the heart is a shadow square

The shadow as the moon in the bed of the river

only visible, but not speak touching the

Was the Moon River, where a

new to me and be together

But Oh! had footprints on the moon

Human beings do, we will also be

I will bring the river to where it

not just nostalgic look at the shadow that!

Drops of us falls, falls without noticing

Dissolve together a vast water

sobs were heard both things

Light drafts, such as wiping tears of sadness

coax lisp as a child poetry

Do not cry anymore, he will be on

He said people do not make light of the moon

So when dim moonlight, when the show

Because the moon as physically, when full

The Hyacinth said the fast

WH will Since forever floating on the river

WH But the sea will always

Or stay alive with the river?

I will keep, branches that remain

not let go no matter what

But if the branch of WH will drop it

There style="text-align:center;"> happy vast sea

Express we're calm, peaceful

As the river is facing eyes

If despite the strong wind, big waves

As Ocean billowing surge

I still believe I belong together forever!

Although people do not embrace it as the wind blows Austria

Even people who do not hold your hand is frozen

Although not gotten my hair when the wind blows flying delete

Although people do not give me a whisper in the ear

" will love me forever, forever with you "

But I still feel the sweet kiss

who donated it to say I love you

I still remember, forever the direction of where it

Wait a day Moon River Republic a

Quick WH _MyLife of my life

" Send the love! Department Poems although arid, dry but that thought and your love for him. I only knew a thousand times said I love you! love you so! "

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