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Weak moment he

Women want to become an important and unique position occupied in my heart man he must be known when he is weak (although not shown to the outside) to become a carrying mask great for him.
Refer to the following advice.

1. When someone he repeated the mistakes of the past
General Psychology anyone with mistakes, whether in the past have felt shame and lack of confidence in front of people. At this time he lived in tormented suffering mood.

If you appear next to him, you should choose appropriate attitude, did not show pity, do not worry, just talk as friends who know each other. You can silence the same guy in a certain period of time. Gradually, your presence will make him feel comforted, to be shared.

2. When the job failed
If you fail with the guy's wallet at risk broke the frailty of man will reach extreme levels by money and career are two things men see it as a weapon to show their strength. You need to appear at this time as a physician nutrition health care for him.

Meal for him to ensure no depletion of health. Then, remove the empty listen to him so hateful of myself.

It is best not to respond to the guy's telling. As stated, shallow attacks, it is an opportunity for you along the path he planned future career. You have to be very patient.

3. When relatives betrayed
Men capital is proud to be men. Thus, the illusion that they'll dominate somebody, that other people have to depend on her.

Because of that illusion, so when men are betrayed by their relatives as well as he realized that he did not have financial need, no respect for him and one by one.

heart artist impressions of serious injury caused him to fall into a state of extreme, do not assess myself too high and wanted to boycott the world around them.

You should appear as a person with similar circumstances and he expressed the discontent in the heart.

After loosening the lift off of your heart that must be made good plans for both planning for the new date. After this time, you will become a trusted intimates of the man.

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