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Warm love

for love can be like a sine graph, there are maxima and minima points. After some time at maximum dearly, love naturally moves down the suddenly gaping ... nothing at all. Do you think the two most emotional because this may just be the most boring but also very dangerous time if you love to "free fall". Let's warm love nhé.
Review old memories

It may be but very slightly Sen necessary to save the house of love. The reason your old two closely so that our new friend is always interested in each other, especially the flirting.

When "is the same" in the long run will make you sleep Lost in the victory. " To place their first date, first read the letter will help you recall and see how beautiful their love is so.

Giving each other gifts

not necessarily matter where the gift that is most important gift to make sense and feel people get the attention and care yourself. Where have the opportunity to give each other is nothing new. The unexpected gift was also told to send the message: "Just having him with me, every day is a holiday."

work so hard ... love

Sounds "abstract" but children can understand and magazines give time for more love, rather than by mail, you can castigate hand a letter, send a message goodnight in the evening. What seemed simple enough to make people agitated, and begin again as the old feelings to you.

Refresh yourself

Do not think you love, people will forever belong to you offline because of the fact of life that is always changing. Think of each meet is the stories, pictures that are a little bored. A new hairstyle, a new story you learn from the internet, books will make people wonder to watch. According to psychology, something new, something strange always stimulate people's curiosity and they will pay attention to it slightly. Style="font-weight: bold;"

Temporary apart some time

Sometimes you meet a lot also makes it boring. Spend time reading, listening to a CD that you like or eight with buddies. To some point, you will feel and remember people meet. Then, the two of you will know you better moments together and not to love free fall to a point where minimal.

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