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Variable marriage joke

Today many people marry because of their strange and curious that the galaxy questions. Partly because the strong impact of lifestyle, partly because the goose "like it", partly due to forced or responsibility. Marriage therefore is no longer sacred.
Married to "mining"

Just because suction needle, despite the public money, clinging to happiness," His warm, she moves ", to a life of privilege wealth, is" the seat of fame "solid is the failure of many young people now.

As with his mercenary, ready beautiful farewell love from childhood, to accept the marriage with "beloved woman" of the city. By the beginning of two new hair has pity: "No. I suffer. Socks must be the wife does not know anything, do not worry about dinner when water, even rude, husband contempt parents. My life was very humiliating. "
" The doctor told wedding "

Social "Westernized," "eating rice before the gong," Century 21 is gossip. There is nothing to be surprised when the bride was in excess abdominal surface? A consequence of lifestyle label money "try before you buy", "hit and then married."

Normally in this regard, the daughter of the most pressure. They worried about the boy's decision. Sides agree that her procession on nutrition and "the fetus author resolute married to children born in the love of both parents, it is" good news with tears. " But if we cross out, but she was elected to the terminal, forced marriage, then disaster is incalculable.

Leaving Home

Some people fall into misery because the subject does not stand poor family life. Their commitment to care less married burden for parents. Just because someone does not want to step-parent or step-father was oppressive, nagging, also accepted to go, as a liberation. This case is also difficult to marital happiness.

For parents like

British India (Yen Lac, Vinh Phuc province) is working Da Nang was called on parents to get married right away: "The family has been watching her neighbor inside, just graduated from high school, young people, the good, healthy again, maybe the same as sweet corn, plowing 4 transplanted year-round season. "

At that time he very dissatisfied, outcry, not because the story is forced to marry as soon as that self-love" has been placed on it. " But if not doing the will of any particular life is not complete. He remained home features old-fashioned traditions. Phen is not about the wedding, the only country that went away. Pity for his calm, even yet met "bride to be dots," even once.

Because they want to have children

Some people choose to blatantly funny like selecting "swine" to the best F1. For example, Ms. Flowers, the Chief Accountant of a reputable oil companies of America, headquartered in City transactions, willing to overlook some of his words about his English colleagues, "factories", despite advice to prevent and counter for family, friends, to marry a poor guy his age 2, is cotton wool, but it is a handsome, tall athletic. Her reason given is "to improve our race."

Child a mother / father

If you find people like where then congratulations. But if you desperately long list of languages ​​upon children whose father / mother is very dangerous, because sometimes she scabies / stepfather do not want friendly "man." Also, you should also calculate the kids feel growing up in the "baby brother, my children, our children," rather tired and boring.

Social pressure Assembly

When friends were "still surface in fall", when this person asked the other morning urged marriage, you easily fall into the psychological "select agency" to avoid pressure force. Conception "can not get the one you love, then get one too" or accept a place of hiding the body after the crash situation will make life after marriage and the heavy soul slowly killing you

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