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Valley of Love ...!

" I met you on a rainy afternoon in October at the origin of "sad forever," the day that people always told is unfortunate - Friday, 13 "Today he, half pleased and half sad, feeling lonely stray far from my home accident in the shop. Thought I was the girl in the shop assistant, who doubt her children are all small. Rai is a man like me that tomorrow, just with the girl everyone is looking cute, she is very beautiful! And so the short day supervision of works BMT is my time to shop just to hear me, are watching you. I was calm indifference with someone like me, you said: "I have both the restaurant people like him then, they come and go, he thought his white horse prince guy ah, do not dream nhé!"
I live a very decent, they form a special girl. You beautiful, intelligent, very personality. Then you add nick my initiative. We say the old chat. I never found myself so engrossed. When the SG, while the HN, whether you are going, every day we have spent hundreds of hours to chat, to tell each other everything that is work, life, love, all religions, I am a believer Christianity. You and I both like reading so I give you a lot of books about love, the noble soul ... Once the chat, I knew I was in SG tease: "Are you good at BMT is to go tomorrow, I'll invite him coffee, I really want to meet him, you have important things to tell you."

earliest flight I flew right up BMT without little thought. I'm just surprised by the appearance of it, and I hope favorite hero forever because even did a full story ... stupid. Two days later, clean all shy, and I hug huge bunch of roses to the Red Valley where we agreed to meet. The scene here is romantic, hidden under a stream valley natural bird, butterfly and wildflower honey. That both this life the two of us will never forget the wonderful feeling of that day. I was too shy shy (wonder why a man standing in front of hundreds of people to defend my ideas as to how awkward). I also received flowers from my hand feverishly, blushing. Surprisingly, today is my 23rd birthday and I was the only person outside the family know that. For me, it is the first and only I dared to hold a bouquet of flowers to give to his girlfriend. Left to me, I never leave home without loved ones to go with, there is also the first time I dared to challenge the family to see you a boyfriend. The thought everything was wonderful, when you invited me to attend the birthday party with family that day but I know my parents do not agree. But after that I knew, it was because she was engaged to an overseas Vietnamese and I are planning to America. I've been told will not give me any chance at all, because I have to go far ... 3 years later, I woke up this morning thinking about you. Where are you? I live well? Get happy? It also gradually became a habit, my first job before work is online and send messages through Yahoo for me to "wish you a peaceful day." I always wish good things, happiness will come to the girl I love. We have a blog is a place to share thoughts, where both children and encouraged me to overcome the difficulties and challenges in life. Has more than 600 blog entries that you may comment any time. I know I feel all, because I believe what one might naturally from the heart and will also look to the heart. But I just silence. Sometimes I am up nick, and that is the only message I want to know, I still live peacefully. The place you need to rest, I'm back BMT. Only here, I found my soul in peace. I go to church where we had an appointment, to the Red Valley where I was two shy when old.

I'm back to my shop, just to sit there, nostalgia, "throughout this BMT I was there only the largest milk plant flowers only, you know? ". Many people told me, live for the future, do not live up to the past. One door closes, another door will open. I know, I understand that, but this lifelong memories of the girl in the Red Valley will follow me forever. I'm sorry, sorry I was not a musician and writer to compose a song or send you a love story ... I'm much better now and then. I spent more time than his ambition. I also would hug it to the road that dream: My heart is a dream, looked up at the moon every night I always dream to be with you by my side. I still like saying someone's skeptical: "If you love, love like a river, through seasonal flooding, drought, the river that will never run out power." Maybe I'll love you the way like that! By Luna

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