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Fatty Oh! That is the name of loving you still call your name. That last more than a year, time to go faster is not he?
TTO - On you and I know each other really happened. England - a middle-aged man, and I was just as her 4-year college students, far below him a lot of age. Both he and I are in the same range of accommodation.
first met the brothers do not get any sympathy much always looked for him cold. Because I have experienced a family life is unhappy with a cheating wife has left him grief in the hearts indelible spirit.
time passed, meet, interact and chat with him, you see close sympathy with what he has experienced. Child, a daughter living away from home, also requires people who share the fun and he was sad that I feel confident to recommend to the feeling that ...

Saturday on 7-7-2007: I receive a confession from him.
You and I love words, I feel happy and warm inside when near him, he loves to be cared for. He is a source of pleasure, is the comfort you sad moments, stand firm when you face on my shoulder to cry when he needs to be shared.

There are times when I thought I will build a happy family, what's more fun when every day to see your beloved face. The idea of ​​happiness will smile with you and me.

But between you and I each have a gap so large that he could not overcome. The main gap is a barrier to love our own, is not he?

He decided to get the work in a western province. I do not know what he was thinking? Did you want to hide them? Or you want to find a new life

Sometimes I try to forget his training, he tried to erase the image gradually heart. But more and more as you try to forget scars hurt again, try to forget as he is when I miss you more. But there was nothing he eh? He was then far away. At such times I used to cry and whisper his name. Anh N. Oh! This time he knows where he is not missing you

Recently I heard that last year he would marry, wedding one whom he loves but not as a duty and responsibility of children to their families. I can hear my heart hurt, can not stop crying ...

England N. Oh! Whether you love him very much, but my heart I wish him live at a distance other fun and be happy he

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