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Two best friends

When I was around for about five days old is nonstop with her mother, who was on my knees cleaning the floor, on her new friends at school. Suddenly, she looked up at me and said: "The best friend of children, which ones?". I'm not sure. I play with wins at 3 years old Ti, and Na I really like her. "Cu Ti and Na."

I stop my hands, "and Bim Bim So, why?".
Two of my sisters? "I do not know who their best friend," I said.
"No," she said. "Did her mother as to why the two are not the child's best friend?".
At that time, two people thought she would become best friends seem strange to me. We fought all day because of fighting over toys, food, or even Choe argued that just because your favorite television program. How they are my best friends are? They are not the same age with me. And we all have personal friends in school.

But the mother to three children we do not forget this: Sisters are friends forever. She often told us that we were lucky like. In many subtle and different way, she encouraged us closer together. She never showed her how to love her any more, nor to create jealousy between sisters or upset us. She always leads us to the movies together, swimming, shopping, so we have similar interests. And when we reached her teens, she was always fair to sanction us.

Like siblings, we are not always harmonious. But somewhere in the teachings of parents, family trips and memories close, we realized that she was right. Now I share everything with his sister and no one else. Sister and I joined the contest to run the city's Vietnam trip, even two sisters we were holding hands when the tape to the destination.
When you two get married, I was maid of honor. Three sisters we trust each other with the greatest secrecy.

So did 23 years since the first time my mother asked: "Who are my best friend?". Now, she does not need to ask that, because she already knew the answer.

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