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Turn left her children nhé

conceived on October 9 children, she expected her mother's baby will be born in a healthy and fresh nice.
For 18 years the population free to use in high school, I hope you love will learn to understand more widely, will live better because in the eyes of everyone, "she is a good mother, nursing mother plant a good seed, and of course she will harvest good fruit. "

I love you most in life. For the trade, she made all these sacrifices and gallantry of the extortion. How about if the child is not really a nice performance as the parents' wishes.

Mommy, turn left mother nhé!

Mom, who was born also wants a good life but life is not like what we traditionally expect.

his childhood, parents must file a written, how many times she hit me because I just quietly hand stalk left-handed writers. Because she was afraid, I was well behaved castigate each character by hand, but when you grow up, I want to write the left hand to hold back a little something in me, and I've left writing.

his childhood, at the intersection, she often told me to always turn right or go straight, turn left is all dark rider, street life and death. Turn right and go straight to the same people, to socialize with all. If you must turn left to face obstacles ... But when you grow up, I realized I probably would not turn right and go straight.

I teach life coexist in the right and left, look on the right side to live well never left again ... But when you grow up, I began to perceive some left Mom.

I like boys, I am a gay ... mother would be very sad if I knew how. I know the feeling of a mother, she would also obscure it. Each child in the mother, with a beating heart and breathing with you, then perhaps what I think, want what you have no idea. But perhaps the truth is hard to accept.

Homosexuality is nothing wrong ... I want that. People like to turn right, but I like to turn left, not because of the wayward ... but for me it is. But Mom, I'm not optimistic when species first left turn, because I know many people also turn left as you ... I'm not alone ...

The mother left turn nhé!

Turn left you will see my life easier, you will not see when looking deep inferiority into her eyes again, because the first hour free in my heart, I feel as if people have problems. But I said then, homosexuality is a bug where ...

The first run as the kid left the fun way.

I also have those who do not know what the correct perception is false.

Sometimes children blame themselves silly star was born like this ... But blame yourself if the world is like a mother shall make me so ... No one to blame ...

I thought it was time I should not torment me again, I just like it but what do you have bad people. Children themselves wish to be jumping as my own walk like penguins in "Happy Feet." I do not ignore the words and beyond all told her impulsively, but I hope she understands me "turn left".


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