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The truth is that why?

Perhaps the words of my heart now here he will never feel received by my heart not for you anymore.

Everything to me was unexpected and could not believe it is the only that.Em he believed the news and trust given to him without the slightest doubt that this change now that belief is a lie. I hurt him very well, my heart seemed to burst ra.Tai he okay? I just want to ask him why so, but I do not want him to explain. Cause you know what is your explanation and apology you hate the most is his apology. Yes, I really love him but not just because it odd that his brother treats me like that.

Bao days together with many pleasant memories and happiness you forget completely why? Why did you lie you keep on this, his true feelings for me these days is, what it is love or so. I can not understand him anymore Oh I do not like that is not ...!

I do not know in my heart this time how she is but I know one thing he was by my side has a daughter who is he ever told me you do not love. Oh god why so much fruit, but horizontal. When dark, I am very pleased and happy but that is fun and happiness in misery. Do you know how much I love him not raining and cold but he still comes to me only to be hit by the wind, he was there, I care that his tears fall forever .... I'm sorry, I should not be inquisitive opens his phone call to see where the sun but ... maybe he arranged it so I know all the truth that suffering .........

said Brother More sad news just, you alone are silent on this subject to both be comfortable just being yourself, then you are suffering. Maybe I will not stop my love grows in my heart but I know in my heart my love for him has not changed and is increasingly filled with more than a day. But anyway, he just remember I love you and miss you constantly. This life I fear most is losing him but maybe she lost then .... I really wish I was as happy as he ever wanted.

Brother live very happy to hear, I will not bother him anymore. In my heart he was the only one.

I love you MORE myhappy a.ANH happiness IS KNOW WHETHER YOU HAVE SAID TIME AGAIN ALSO THE ORAL DROP But I still want to say.

By knife enforcement

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