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True love

A real love - and it is difficult to precisely define. But, you try to read the following article and reflect on our love, to somehow find the answer, sisters!
Love is patient, love is kind. Love is not jealous, love does not boast, love is not complacent.

Love is not cruel, love is not free from self-interest, love is not easy being angry , love is not about the mistakes in mind.

Love is not evil but cheer triumphantly before the fact.

Love is always protected, always trust, always hopes, always persevere stable liver.

Love never fails.

These are special of true love. These qualities can be found in all relationships in which people really love each other. The problem of trying to find love through matchmaking is that we do not find these qualities. We only pay attention to appearance or wealth.

Expression of love is commitment and action, not a feeling. Love is not just based on how we feel. Of course, the feeling is also present in love, but the feeling is not the only criterion to measure love. Real commitment always lead to true love.

Sex is not love! Sex and love is not. Sex is a beautiful work, if it occurs within the boundaries of marriage. Sex is the completion of the bond between two people in a marriage, as if sex is a gift of God.

Because pre marital sex is not sex Love, it only leads to misery and despair for those who are looking for love.

When you truly love someone, we sincerely prepared to stick with life person.

We can say that I really love is when we are completely honest with ourselves and understand a level of commitment that true love brings.

Remember true love does not come from the choice, but from accident.

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