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Track separation

Back seems these days you can not stand still appearing before my eyes, he was gone so long but why am I still feel like I still look at me affectionately somewhere, this year's competition season and he is coming back sir, The exam season fate had robbed him away forever, I have been quietly suffering his first, because nobody had listened a silly little girl like you talk about her feelings,

So far I do not know that you love or real love for him anymore I do not know where he is thinking about you again? have fun without him there? Nobody talked to him for his less cold? there when he was bathing in the water as I still had to tell you I love the rain shower, rain shower more to me like more than wallow in the rain is how it took away fatigue, I miss you very much, I I hate so much, why do not you put me in that season, so you learn from unfinished to me from hurt and how many years longer that I can not forget, this music when he wanted me listen to reasonable was destiny for us to leave each other forever?

I only saw him in the end suffering. Happiness is .... he is not he?

Only 6 days away and my Sn, Though years have passed I still can not subside Last year, when I was little I often say to me, every time I Sn I'd bought me the stuffed animal to freeze to feel warmer, she smiled and said every year a beast you have to multi-storey building to contain it, so that seven years ago, he bought the toy is that, seven years Sn gift for you is your tears, I know you will not be happy because of his efforts for other children still can not , when I was little he was not satisfied when I go somewhere, he reminded them carefully, as you prepare for all three children go to school afraid he will not take care of himself, but then my 7 years had to fend for yourself without him next, whether they trade with many tears, I still stand firm despite what he sometimes does not

Knowing he mad at me because I did not listen He has seven years and I do not believe I survived, but she was still alive aroma candles close to him every day of my Sn

You see? when young children or sick, she said she lives on drugs, but he said if they need drugs to the medicines they use with children weighing more than some of my characters, because like so I did not want anyone to suffer because of me, even me he is too scared to burden his children that he has avoided leaving

you happy birthday, this boy? I believe if you are happy you will be happier there, but I promise you I have slept really good nowaday!

At the end of this year as you love me colder than cold, I send you warm stuffed animal for

than offline Rejoice with me in me my birthday nyay Thai Son

Although later how you always with me

Remember you so much, my Thai Son

(by cobemong ... @ )

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