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Top your son should stay away

There are very attractive guy. But the charm of which he does not lack the bad guy.
1. Man advantage

He often lent you this dish the other dishes, when the car, at less money. And if you do not look, he is always pretending to forget. A guy like that ... just ask for money instead of love do not care to think and feel her head. If you do not want my heart broken away from the Mau Mau this guy alone!

2. He contemptuously

He does not seem to respect you at all. He loudly general you willing crowd, and you qualify prohibition twist your own whenever you go out with friends Assembly. He does not want to introduce you as his lover with his friends, you do not want to appear together at the festival luxury ... A guy that is always set to invisible lover worth so you have to try again?

3. He incited

He wants to invite you to go out but the parents do not allow? He "advised" you: "Every lie is going to school now that that group is finished." Form this man not be trusted at all. He just simply incite you to do all things are not clear, in both the liver through your parents. Moreover, a guy is not honest with the family who loves him also proved not truly appreciate the relationship of two people.

4. He requires

He often want you to go out, talk, do it the other, or even a three letter X (though obviously you do not like wasting) . When you want to be cherished more then he swung around 180 degrees. Even a very reasonable request of you can easily make him furious and shouted um Sum. Think carefully re-considered, and whether you can tolerate significant relationship to any of this ever?

5. Terrorist guy

There are many forms of terrorism. What is yelling, prohibitions, commands, or the scare broke infringement sex without your consent. If he has any gesture which would cause you undue anxiety and fear, ask family and friends help you offline. A love terrorists smell like just ruin your life only.

6. Dim guy

He never asserted in love with you. He did not specify when it will publicize the relationship of two people, also did not promise anything to you both. Maybe he was a careful, thoughtful but careful letter in each sentence. But in love, if he does not give you a sense of security for up to 90% then he leaves for his retreat (because he did not promise you that). A guy like that indifference will not bring true happiness to you first.

7. He promise

In contrast to the guy above, this guy kind of promising enough but then immediately forgotten. The promise was their confidence erode, leaving in the hearts who love a scratch. Many scratches proved he is just a name of three flowers, loading spreads, you do not deserve to give all my heart!

8. Stubborn guy

"Proverbs" of these guys even though they are not true, they are never wrong. With these boys, they are always unique, best, best. Stubborn chief came with. And because he knows his unique position, he will cuddle you never, never apologize even though he was clearly the wrong stick!

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